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NBA 2K24: How to Sprint

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So you’re posted up on your couch, controller in hand, ready to drop some serious buckets on the virtual hardwood, right? First things first, you gotta know how to book it down the court. Let’s break it down.



The Basics: Fast Breakin’

The sprint function is critical to your game. Whether you’re tryna blow past defenders like a hot knife through butter or chase down a runaway opponent, speed kills, my friend.


So how do you unleash that breakneck speed in NBA 2K24? Grab that controller and pay attention, baller. The secret’s in the R2 button (or RT on Xbox, R on Switch) – just press and hold that bad boy while you’re pushing the left stick in whatever direction you want to dash off in.



Stamina Management: The Juice

But hold up, there’s a twist. You ain’t got unlimited turbo in this game. Push too hard, and your player’s gonna run outta juice. You’ll know you’re running on fumes when the controller starts flashing red. For the high-rollers out there on the PS5 with that DualSense controller, it’ll even lock you outta sprinting. Cruel, but fair.


What’s the workaround? Let your baller chill for a bit. Ease off the sprint, let him catch his breath. Gotta keep that stamina high if you wanna keep the fast breaks coming.



Adrenaline Boosts: Turbo Time

NBA 2K24 introduces this funky mechanic called adrenaline boosts. They’re cool and all, but it’s a bummer when you’re just tryna sprint and the game eats up your boost. Luckily, there’s a trick to bypass this.


Instead of hammering down the sprint button like you’re tryna win a button-mashing contest, just tap it lightly. Combine this with your left stick movement and you’ll be sprinting without using your precious adrenaline boost. Clever, right?



Strategic Sprinting: Shake ‘n Bake

So you got the basics down. You’re sprinting like a pro, managing your stamina, conserving those adrenaline boosts. But let’s get real, if sprinting’s all you got, you’re about as unpredictable as a sitcom laugh track.


You gotta mix things up. Fake right, go left. Throw in some spins, some crossovers. Keep ’em guessing. Sprinting’s a tool, not a strategy. It opens up space, creates opportunities. But you’re the player, you gotta make those opportunities count.


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