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NBA 2K24: How to Do a Fadeaway

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NBA 2K24 is straight-up hoops magic, and nothing’s more lit than a well-executed fadeaway. This ain’t just some flex move, fam. A fadeaway shot is your bread and butter on the hardwood, especially when you’re dealing with some pesky defender who can’t handle your size or strength. But remember, nailing a fadeaway ain’t a cakewalk. You gotta have your timing game on point. So, lace up, let’s break this down.



Regular Fadeaway

PlayStation 4 & 5:

  • Find your spot: Depending on where you’re at on the court, position yourself for that sweet fadeaway.


  • Size up your opponent: Hold down the L2 button to create some breathing room.


  • Get your fade on:


If you’re going left, push the Right Stick left while keeping that L2 button pressed.


If right is your side, push the Right Stick right while still holding down L2.


  • Let it fly: You can hit the Square button to send that ball soaring. Don’t forget, timing is crucial with your shot meter. Some ballers prefer the shot button, but if you put in the work, the right stick might give you that extra bit of accuracy.



Xbox One, Series X & S:

The steps are the same as the PlayStation, just with the Xbox lingo:


  • Engage your defender: Keep that LT button held down to create some space.


  • Start the fadeaway:


For a left fadeaway, push the Right Stick to the left while still pressing down on LT.


For a right fadeaway, push the Right Stick to the right, all while keeping LT in check.


  • Make the shot: Use the X button to shoot. Just like on PlayStation, your shot meter’s timing is key.



Post Fadeaway

For the Post Fadeaway:


  • Get in position: Hold down L2 (PlayStation) or LT (Xbox) to back your defender down.


  • Find your distance: Once you’ve got some space from the hoop, pull the Left Stick away from the basket.


  • Shoot your shot: Hit the Right Stick or the Square/X button to let that fadeaway fly.



Step-Over Fadeaway

The step-over fadeaway is a bit more advanced, but can really leave defenders in the dust:


  • Start the step-over: Tap the Right Stick towards your pivot foot.


  • Keep it hidden: During the step-over, hold down L2/LT to keep your post up sneaky.


  • Start the fade: Hold down the Right Stick in the opposite direction to get your fadeaway going.


  • Mix it up: You can hold down L2/LT in the middle of the animation to blend the step-over and post entry.


Timing is key when it comes to fadeaways. You gotta keep an eye on that shot meter to really get the hang of it. And remember, different players have different stats, and some even have signature fadeaways.


Also, remember to keep your game fresh. If you’re always pulling the fadeaway, your game can get predictable. Mix in other moves and strategies to keep your opponents guessing.


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