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NBA 2K24 MyCareer: How Do You Celebrate After the Shot?


There’s no better feeling in the world than draining that three-pointer, executing the perfect dunk, or landing a slick layup in NBA 2K24, but ain’t it even better when you can add some extra sauce to that moment with a dope celebration? The game’s developers have got your back, enabling you to flex on your opponents and hype up your squad with an assortment of flashy, in-game celebrations. But how do you get these showboating emotes? And once you have ’em, how do you flaunt ’em on the court? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to break it all down.



Cop Some Sick Celebrations

First things first, we gotta get you some of those tantalizing celebrations. Here’s the step-by-step to get you geared up:


  • Navigate the Menu: Pop open the Navigation menu. You can do this at any time when you ain’t dribbling or shooting.


  • MyPlayer: Hit up the ‘MyPlayer’ option. A whole new world of customization options awaits you.


  • Animation Store: From here, slide over to the ‘Animation Store’. This joint is your one-stop-shop for all things celebratory.


  • Signature Animations and In-Game Celebrations: Navigate your way to ‘Signature Animations’, and from there, scope out the ‘In-game Celebrations’.


  • Choose Your Flavor: You’ll find a buffet of celebration emotes here, grouped under various categories like ‘Park Standings’, ‘Park Flops’, ‘Park Jump Shots’, and so forth. Take a gander and pick out something that screams ‘you’.


  • Add to Cart: Grab your chosen emotes, add ’em to the cart, and check out to complete your purchase.



Equip and Ready Your Celebrations

Alright, so you’ve got your celebrations, now let’s get ’em ready for the big show:


  • Back to MyPlayer: Return to the ‘MyPlayer’ option in the menu.


  • My Animations: Instead of hitting the Animation Store this time, you’re gonna want to head to ‘My Animations’.


  • In-Game Celebrations: Within ‘My Animations’, find ‘In-Game Celebrations’. From there, shuffle on over to the ‘Celebrations’ card.


  • Gear Up: Here, you can equip all those fire celebrations you just copped – be it Dunks, Shots, Park Dunks, Layups, and more.



Show Out on the Court

Now that you’re all kitted up, it’s time to take these celebrations to the court:


After you’ve made your shot, swished that three-pointer, or dunked on your opponent, hit the directional buttons to pop off your celebrations. Whether you’re playing Pro-Am, NBA 2K24, or chilling at The Park, these celebrations are ready to be unleashed. Use them to mark your memorable moments and let your skills do the talking.


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