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How to Shoot a Bank Shot in NBA 2K24

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Aight, ballers! We’re about to go hard in the paint with NBA 2K24, breaking down the low-key, old school, but still clutch bank shot. Might seem like your grandpa’s move, but trust me, it’s got a spot on your controller.



Bank Shot Breakdown

Bet you’re wondering, what’s a bank shot, right? The bank shot in NBA 2K24 is the unsung hero of the hardwood. It’s all about hittin’ the rock off the backboard and lettin’ it drop right into the hoop. No, it ain’t as flashy as a tomahawk jam or a three-ball, but hey, buckets are buckets!



Guidelines: Nailing the Bank Shot

  • Location, Location, Location: Just like buying a crib, it’s all about where you’re at. You ain’t goin’ for deep, you’re aiming for mid-range. Trying to bank shot from the arc or top of the key? Nah, fam.


  • Right Stick Rules: Once you’re in the sweet spot, it’s all about making friends with the Right Stick. Time it right, and you’ll be cashing bank shots all day. You’re feeling extra fancy? Try this little number – hold RT/R2 + Right Stick Up (this combo’s gonna have your player stepping forward with a bank shot)


  • Switch It Up: Okay, using the Right Stick might feel a bit funky if you’re used to smashing the Square or X button. But hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.



Level Up Your Bank Shot Game

  • Hit the Gym in Practice Mode: Use the Practice Mode in NBA 2K24 to sharpen your bank shot skills. It’s your own personal baller boot camp.


  • Badge Up: Equip your player with the right badges, especially those that boost your mid-range game. Your success rate will be off the charts.


  • Skill Points are Key: When you’re getting your player prepped and ready, make sure you’re stacking up them skill points on your mid-range shooting. The higher you jack up these stats, the more lethal your bank shots are gonna be. So don’t sleep on this.


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