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NBA 2K24: Best Ja MORANT Build


Yo, ballers! If you’ve been watching Ja Morant ball out on the hardwood and you’re thinking, “Man, I gotta replicate that in NBA 2K24,” well, you’re in the right spot… Grab a Gatorade, ’cause we’re diving deep into creating the best Ja Morant build, using some raw stats and a dash of that Memphis Grizzlies swagger.



Choosing the Right Archetype and Position

First off, let’s get it straight: Ja Morant is a Point Guard through and through. His athleticism & ball-handling skills are second to none… So obviously, you’re gonna wanna go with a PG for this build… When it comes to the archetype, think ‘Scoring Machine’ or ‘Playmaking Shot Creator,’ aight?



Physicals – The Foundation

For this build, you’re gonna want to aim for around 6’3″ and roughly 175-190 lbs. That’s gonna give you that right mix of speed and agility while still being able to finish at the rim. Also, set your wingspan around average or maybe a smidge above to help with those dunks and layups.



Scoring – Your Bread and Butter

  • Mid-Range Shot: 78: Decent enough to pull up when they sag off you. Get those mid-range deadeye badges and you’re solid.


  • Three-Point Shot: 92: Yo, you’re basically a sniper from downtown. Pick & Pop, Catch & Shoot, it don’t matter. You’re hitting those treys.


  • Free Throw: 74: It ain’t perfect, but you’ll make ’em when it counts. Just get that timing down, you know?


  • Driving Layup: 75: When you drive to the basket, you’ve got enough finesse to finish with style. Get those Acrobat and Fancy Footwork badges on deck.


  • Driving Dunk: 93: Bruh, you’re basically Vince Carter in his prime. Catch bodies, slam it down; the crowd’s gonna go wild.


  • Close Shot: 50: Aight, you ain’t gonna be a menace in the paint, but that’s cool. You got other ways to get those points up.



Dishing Dimes – Playmaking Skills

  • Pass Accuracy: 75: Good enough to hit open teammates and make those smart plays.


  • Ball Handle: 95: Bro, you can pretty much dribble out of any situation. Combine this with some playmaking badges and you’ll be breaking ankles left and right.


  • Speed with Ball: 84: You’re not just fast, you’re quick with the ball. Transition offense is where you shine.



Defense – Locking Down the Perimeter

  • Perimeter Defense: 52: Aight, you’re not exactly a lockdown defender, but you can hold your own. Just gotta play those passing lanes and keep your man in front of you.



Rebounding – Well, Maybe Just Stick to Scoring

  • Defensive Rebound: 33: Let’s be real, you’re not gonna be gobbling up boards. Stick to what you’re good at—scoring and playmaking..



Athleticism – That Ja Morant Explosiveness

  • Speed: 82: Quick enough to get by your defender and make those fast breaks count.


  • Acceleration: 92: Zero to a hundred, real quick. That’s how you’ll feel sprinting down the court…


  • Vertical: 80: You’re gonna catch some bodies with that vertical, no cap.


  • Stamina: 99: You’re the Energizer Bunny out here. Run fast breaks, drive to the hoop, and still have energy to play D.



Badges You Gotta Equip

Since this is a Ja Morant build, you gotta focus on some key badges:


  • Finishing: Posterizer, Slithery Finisher and Acrobat.


  • Shooting: Hot Zone Hunter, Catch & Shoot and Deep Threes.


  • Playmaking: Ankle Breaker, Dimer and Quick First Step.


  • Defense: Clamps and Pick Pocket even if your defensive stats ain’t all that…


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