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NBA 2K24: Best Paul PIERCE Build

NBA 2K24: Best Paul PIERCE Build

Ever dreamed of repping that vintage “The Truth” swag on the court in NBA 2K24? You know, Paul Pierce—the dude who made defenders weep and had one of the smoothest mid-range games in the biz. Man, he was a walking bucket!! Well, look no further, ’cause we about to deep dive into how to get that elite Paul Pierce build, and trust, you gonna be cookin’ defenders in no time.



Position, Height, Weight, Wingspan

Position: Small Forward – Like the man himself


Height: 6’7″ – Pierce’s actual height


Weight: 235 lbs – for that extra strength


Wingspan: 6’11” – so you can get up and contest shots



Attributes Breakdown

Inside Scoring

Close Shot: We got that up to an 85, so you’re basically cash money from up close.


Driving Layup: A solid 88 right here. That means you’re gliding to the rack like butter.


Driving Dunk: Set at 70. Pierce got some air but wasn’t throwing down like Vince or MJ, ya know?


Standing Dunk: We’re chillin’ at 45. The Truth ain’t about that standing poster life.


Post Control: Got this bad boy at 80. If you’re in the paint, it’s all you, fam.



Shooting Game

Mid-Range Shot: We’re looking at 81. Mid-range is where Pierce feasted, straight up.


Three-Point Shot: This one’s high key important! Got it set at 85. Pierce was no joke from downtown.


Free Throw: A steady 80 on this. When it’s clutch time, you’re nailing those freebies.



Playmaking Vibes

Pass Accuracy: It’s a cool 70, respectable.


Ball Handle: Bro, we maxed that out to 82! Pierce’s dribble game was tight.


Speed With Ball: Sitting pretty at 70. Pierce wasn’t blazing, but he had those moves.



On the Defensive

Interior Defense: We’re rockin’ a 70. Solid enough to not get punked in the paint.


Perimeter Defense: A wild 87! Pierce could clamp up those wing players for real.


Steal: A decent 60 here.


Block: Got that at a 50. He ain’t Mutombo, but he’ll get a few.



Board Man Gets Paid

Offensive Rebound: We got 50 on this. Not the main focus, but you’ll grab a few.


Defensive Rebound: Upped this to 70. Pierce was always down to snag some boards on the defensive end.



Physical Stats, Let’s Get It

Speed & Acceleration: Both cruising at 73. Not the quickest dude on the court, but man had finesse.


Strength: Bumped this up to a sturdy 80. Boston strong, ya heard?


Vertical: We’re jumping with a 70 on this.


Stamina: A crazy 95! Pierce was that marathon man, could run the game start to finish.



Gameplay Tips for “The Truth” Paul Pierce Build

Attacking the Paint

Close Game Strong: With that close shot at 85, when you’re near the rack, pull-up. It’s almost automatic, my guy.


Layups for Days: That driving layup at 88? Use it. Don’t always go for the dunk; finesse those layups and watch ’em cry.


Post Moves: With post control at 80, back ’em down, hit ’em with a spin or a fade. They ain’t ready.



Mid-Range & Beyond

Mid-Range Maestro: Remember, Pierce was the king of mid-range. Use that 81 rating. Pull up on fast breaks, or create space with a step-back.


Downtown Dominance: Don’t be shy to let it fly from deep. With an 85 three-pointer, make ’em pay from beyond the arc, especially when they sag off.


Freebies: Got fouled? No prob. With a free throw of 80, you’re almost guaranteed to sink ’em. So, get in there, draw some fouls and get those easy points.




Dribble-Drive: That ball handle at 82 means you can shake most defenders. Hit ’em with a crossover or a behind-the-back, then drive or pull up.


Passing: Got double-teamed? Dish it out. That pass accuracy at 70 will ensure your teammates get the rock in the right spots.



Lockdown D

Guard the Perimeter: With a perimeter defense of 87, stay in front of your man. Force ’em into tough shots.


Interior Presence: Even though you’re not a center, that interior defense of 70 means you ain’t getting bullied in the paint. Hold your ground…



Boards & Transitions

Crash the Defensive Glass: With a defensive rebound at 70, don’t be lazy. Help your bigs out. Snag those boards and push the break.


Offensive Rebounds: Though it’s at 50, every now and then, surprise your opponent. Crash the offensive boards for those second-chance points…



Physicality & Stamina

Strength is Key: Use that 80 strength to body smaller defenders. Push ’em out the way and get those easy buckets.


All Game, Every Game: With stamina at 95, you ain’t getting tired. Whether it’s fast breaks or playing lockdown D, stay aggressive throughout. Pierce was relentless, be like Pierce…


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