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NBA 2K24: Best Brandon INGRAM Build

NBA 2K24: Best Brandon INGRAM Build

Yo! What’s popping, hoop heads? Y’all know it’s that time again. NBA 2K24 just dropped and we all are hustlin’ to get that impeccable build to run the courts, and who better to model your game after than Brandon Ingram, aka “Slender Man”, aka B.I.? For those who may not be hip, B.I. is that smooth operator from the New Orleans Pelicans, slaying the game with his slick shots and long limbs that got defenders catching fits. He’s that versatile wingman every squad dreams of, bringing the heat with his versatile scoring, lethal mid-range game, and a length that makes him a problem on both ends of the court…



Player Basics

Position: Small Forward – The position that gives you the best mix of size and skills. Ingram’s natural habitat.


Height: 6’9″ – Aight, hear me out. While B.I. stands at a legit 6’7″, giving him that extra couple of inches in the game gives him the edge against defenders.


Weight: 215 lbs – This keeps him agile and quick on his feet without sacrificing too much strength.


Wingspan: 7’0” – Them long arms ain’t just for show; they’re perfect for snagging boards and getting those sweet jump shots over defenders.



Attribute Breakdown


Close Shot: 70 – Solid enough to finish around the rim but remember, this build shines in mid-range.


Driving Layup: 70 – Gotta have those smooth finishes, especially when driving past defenders.


Driving Dunk: 85 – Ingram might be slender, but boy can fly. An 85 ensures you throw down with the best of ’em.


Standing Dunk: 64 – It’s cool, but we ain’t really focused on those post-up dunks, ya feel?


Post Control: 80 – Good enough to school those smaller SFs in the post.


Mid-Range Shot: 91 – This right here? Essential. Ingram’s bread and butter.


Three-Point Shot: 84 – Space the floor, hit those open treys, keep defenders guessing.




Pass Accuracy: 72 – You ain’t tryna be the primary playmaker, but you still gotta dish out those assists.


Ball Handle: 80 – Gotta have them handles tight, especially when running the break or iso plays.


Speed With Ball: 72 – Speed is crucial; keep that ball movin’ and keep defenders on their toes.




Offensive Rebound: 35 – While this ain’t the primary focus for this build, grabbing a few offensive boards here and there can give your team those much-needed second-chance points.


Defensive Rebound: 56 – With that height and wingspan, snagging those defensive boards is essential. This rating makes sure you’re active in the paint, keeping those big men in check.




Interior Defense: 74 – Enough to hold your own against those drive-heavy players.


Perimeter Defense: 84 – Essential to keep those pesky sharpshooters in check.


Steal: 50 – We ain’t goin’ for the pockets much, but a little defensive presence never hurt.


Block: 77 – With that wingspan, swatting shots should be a regular thing.



Physicals & Others

Speed: 79, Acceleration: 69 – Gotta be quick in transition.


Strength: 76 – While you ain’t trying to be a brick wall, this ensures you ain’t gettin’ bullied either.


Vertical: 82 – Get up and get those boards or throw down those dunks.


Stamina: 95 – All that hustle requires energy; maxing this out ensures you’re always in the mix.



Gameplay Tips

Alright, now that y’all got the blueprint for that Brandon Ingram build, let’s chop it up and give you some gameplay tips to dominate the court:


Stay in the Mid-Range: This ain’t just any build; this is the Brandon Ingram blueprint. That mid-range is cash money. So, use screens, create separation, and pull up with confidence. If they sag off you, make ’em pay.


Use that Length on D: With that wingspan and decent block rating, you’re a lowkey shot-blocking machine. Challenge shots, be a nuisance, and make sure them guards think twice before driving on you.


Transition Play: This build thrives in the open court. With decent ball-handling and speed, push the pace, look for those driving lanes, and finish strong. And if they collapse on you? Dish it out to your sharpshooters.


Don’t Force the Three: While you’ve got a solid three-point shot, don’t get too trigger happy. Play smart. If you’ve got the open look, take it, but don’t be jacking up contested treys…


Mix Up Your Offense: Ingram’s versatility is what makes him lethal. Post up them smaller SFs, drive on the slower ones, and shoot over the shorter defenders. Keep ’em guessing.


Work those Isos: With solid ball handling and speed, don’t be afraid to isolate when you’ve got a mismatch. Shake ’em up with some moves and either pull up or drive to the hoop.


Energy Management: With that stamina rating, you can go hard, but don’t gas yourself out. Pick and choose when to sprint and when to coast. It’s a long game; manage those energy levels.


Defensive Positioning: Given your defensive attributes, position is everything. Stay in front of your man, use that length to contest shots, and trust your perimeter D skills to do the work.


Team Play: While this build can ball out, remember it’s a team game. Find your shooters when they’re open, set screens, and move off the ball. Being a versatile threat means knowing when to pass and when to shoot…


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