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NBA 2K24: Best Rajon RONDO Build

NBA 2K24: Best Rajon RONDO Build

Yo, what’s good NBA 2K fam? Ever heard of a dude named Rajon Rondo? Straight outta Louisville, Kentucky, this man became a Boston legend, helping the Celtics grab that ’08 ring with the Big Three: KG, Pierce, and Ray Allen. With a basketball IQ that’s off the charts and court vision like he’s got eyes in the back of his head, Rondo’s been the floor general teams dream about. So, if you’re tired of that basic guard game and wanna bring some of that Rondo magic to your MyPlayer, you’re in the right spot. Dive in with me as we break down the ultimate Rajon Rondo blueprint for 2K24.



Position & Measurements

Position: Point Guard


Height: 6’1″. Classic PG height.


Weight: 171 lbs. This gives us a solid balance between speed & strength…


Wingspan: Max that out to 6’10”. Longer arms = better defense and those juicy rebounds.



Attributes Breakdown


Close Shot (75): Not too shabby. Lay-ins, putbacks, and that soft touch around the rim? You got that.


Driving Layup (86): Here’s where you flex! Drive it hard, get fancy if you need to. They ain’t stopping those layups.


Driving Dunk (0) & Standing Dunk (0): Welp, the vertical’s there, but the dunk game? Non-existent… Keep it on the ground, bro.


Post Control (50): Not your main dish, but you got a lil’ post seasoning. Use it wisely, especially on smaller guards.


Mid-Range (70): Respectable. They sag off? Make ’em regret it with a splash.


Three-Pointer (75): Okay sharpshooter! Stretch that floor, but know your hotspots.


Free Throw (62): You could use some work. Find that rhythm and knock ’em down.


Pass Accuracy (91) & Ball Handle (92): Straight fire! Whip passes, cook defenders, and be the floor general.


Speed With Ball (85): With your handles and speed? Deadly. Run that fast break, slash, and dash.




Interior Defense (41): You ain’t no rim protector, but you can still put in some work. Just gotta play smart.


Perimeter Defense (92): Straight clamp god! Stick on ’em, and make every shot a challenge.


Steal (85): Snatchin’ pockets left and right. Predict, strip, and off you go.


Block (38): You ain’t swatting like Mutombo, but you can get a sneaky one in every once in a while.


Rebounding (Off 51 & Def 62): For a PG, this ain’t bad. Chip in, help the bigs, and get those boards.




Speed (80) & Acceleration (80): Pure jets. Blow by defenders and hit top speeds quick.


Strength (47): You ain’t the Hulk, but use that IQ and positioning. Outsmart ’em.


Vertical (85): Sky’s the limit! Them rebounds, those contest shots? Jump out the gym!


Stamina (93): Marathon man! Run the court all day, every day. They’re tired -> you’re just getting started…



Gameplay Tips

Offense Tips

Layup Game Strong: Remember, you’re lethal when driving to the basket; if you see a gap hit the gas and drive it in…


Keep it Grounded: Look, those dunks? Not your forte; stick to what you’re good at & stay in your lane…


Pass Master Flex: With them top-tier passing and ball-handling stats, you gotta be the maestro on the floor. Keep your eyes peeled for cutting teammates and whip those dimes!


Shoot Smart: While you got a decent shot from deep, it ain’t automatic. So, catch ’em sleeping and pop it when you’re feeling it, but always be ready to dish if you ain’t got a clean look.



Defense Vibes

Lockdown on the Perimeter: With that elite perimeter D, you’re the guy who’s gonna make life hell for opposing guards. Be sticky, anticipate moves, and make ’em feel that pressure.


Quick Hands: Always be on the lookout for that steal opportunity. You’re snatching lunches out here, fam.


Help on Boards: Even though you’re a guard, with that wingspan and vert, you better be crashing them boards when you can.



Physical Play

Run ‘Em Down: Use that speed and acceleration to your advantage. Whether it’s breaking away on the fast break or dodging defenders, keep ’em on their toes.


Jump Man: Your vertical’s popping, so even if you ain’t dunking, use it to contest shots and grab those surprise rebounds.


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