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NBA 2K24: Best Chris PAUL Build

NBA 2K24: Best Chris PAUL Build

Yo, what’s up hoop fans and 2K junkies? If you’re itching to break ankles and dish dimes like the Point God himself, Chris Paul, then you’re in the right spot. We’ve got the perfect 2K24 build to make you an unstoppable two-way, three-level playmaker. Yeah, it sounds like a mouthful, but trust, it’s gonna let you hoop just like CP3.



Physique: The Foundation

Position: Point Guard (PG)

The floor general, baby! Direct traffic and orchestrate the magic.


Height: 6 feet

You might think, “Man, that’s kinda short for the NBA”, but remember, height ain’t everything. It’s all about that IQ and agility.


Weight: 175 lbs

Stay lean, stay quick. We ain’t tryna body dudes down low, we’re blowing by ‘em!


Wingspan: 6’4″

Got those lengthy arms to snatch those balls away and drop dimes from downtown.



Attributes Breakdown

Offensive Toolkit

Close Shot: 81 – You’ll be nailing those close-up looks; no need to be Shaq when you’ve got finesse.


Driving Layup: 86 – Pure silk when you drive to the hoop. Just watch the defense part like the Red Sea.


Driving Dunk & Standing Dunk: – – Alright, here’s the deal: you ain’t slamming it down. But remember, CP3’s magic isn’t in the dunks, it’s in those crispy passes and quick layups.


Post Control: 65 – Not prime Hakeem, but you’ve got enough post game to make defenders respect you down low.



Sharp Shooting

Mid-Range Shot: 89 – Pure money. You’re gonna be a menace from mid-range. Defender’s nightmares? That’s you.


Three-Point Shot: 81 – You’re gonna drop some threes, not like rain, but enough to keep the D honest.


Free Throw: 82 – Steady hands at the stripe. You’ll mostly cash in on those charity shots.



Playmaking Maestro

Pass Accuracy: 90 – Dishing out lasers. Your mates better be ready ’cause you’re servin’ up hot assists all day.


Ball Handle: 90 – Ankles beware. You’ve got the handles to make defenders dance.


Speed With Ball: 80 – Enough zip to weave through the defense and create some plays.



Defensive Grit

Interior Defense: 29 – Let’s keep it real; interior D ain’t your strength. Stick to the perimeter and let the big dogs handle the paint.


Perimeter Defense: 87 – Tight. Dudes are gonna find it tough to shake you off.


Steal: 82 – Sneaky hands; opponents better grip that ball tight.


Block: 58 – You might surprise a few with a cheeky block now and then.



Board Crashin’

Offensive Rebound: – – Yeah, this ain’t your domain. Let your big men eat those offensive boards.


Defensive Rebound: 57 – Not prime Rodman, but you’ll grab a few, especially when the team needs it.



Athletic Prowess

Speed: 80 – You’ve got some pep in your step. Quick, but not lightning.


Strength: 54 – Not tossing folks around, but you’re no pushover either.


Vertical: 50 – Look, you’re not launching to the moon, but you’ve got a little hop.


Stamina: 94 – Marathon man vibes -> while others are huffing and puffing, you’re just warming up…



Gameplay Tips: How to Hoop Like CP3

Run the Show

You’re the point guard; the team’s heartbeat -> don’t shy away from taking charge… Call out plays, set the pace, and let your teammates know where they gotta be. Remember, a great PG is a second coach on the floor.



Drive & Dish

With those silky layup skills, defenders gotta respect you when you drive. Once you got ’em collapsing on you, kick it out to your shooters for easy threes or hit your big man for an effortless dunk. You’re the orchestrator, man.



Mid-Range Maestro

Don’t forget that buttery mid-range game. When they’re guarding the paint and the three-line, pull up for a clean mid-range jumper. That shot’s your bread and butter.



Ankle Insurance

Listen, with those killer handles, you should be shaking defenders out of their high-tops. Hit ’em with a crossover, a spin, or a behind-the-back. Just make sure to give ’em a map so they can find their way back on D.



Defensive Prowess

Your perimeter D is on point, so use it. Channel your inner Gary Payton and make it tough for the other guy. And if you see that ball hanging out too far, swipe it -> just be careful not to rack up too many fouls…



Don’t Sleep on the Post

Yeah, you’re not Hakeem but if you’ve got a smaller guard on you, take ’em to the post. A little shimmy, a little fadeaway, and it’s buckets all day.



Rebound & Run

Okay crashing the boards ain’t your thing, but don’t sleep on those long rebounds. Grab it and push the pace. Your team’s counting on you to initiate that fast break…


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