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NBA 2K24: Best Brandon ROY Build

NBA 2K24: Best Brandon ROY Build

Yo, if you ain’t familiar with the legend of Brandon Roy, it’s about time you got educated. Back in the day, B-Roy was the truth, putting on a show every night in Portland. Dude had a jumper smoother than butter, a drive that left defenders bamboozled, and the clutch factor that made the Rose Garden erupt. Yeah, injuries did him dirty, but guess what? In 2K24, we’re about to turn back the clock, bringing that prime B-Roy back to the hardwood.



Setting the Basics

Position: Shooting Guard


Height: 6’6” – A little tall for a SG, but it gives you that advantage.


Weight: 215 lbs – This is to ensure you can absorb contact and finish strong at the rim.


Wingspan: 6’11”



Attributes Breakdown

Scoring Inside the Paint

Close Shot: 60 – Not the highest but solid enough for some easy buckets up close.


Driving Layup: 80 – B-Roy was clean with those finishes. Make sure you take it strong to the rim.


Driving Dunk: 86 – My dude, you’re about to body some fools with this stat. Get that highlight reel ready!


Standing Dunk: 32 – Look, B-Roy wasn’t known for dunking without a running start, so don’t stress too much on this one.


Post Control: – Bro, it’s a big ol’ goose egg here. But real talk, you ain’t in the post much with this build, so no worries.



Shooting from Deep

Mid-Range Shot: 84 – This is your bread and butter, fam. Wet like water from that mid-range.


Three-Point Shot: 76 – Not Steph Curry, but with this, defenders can’t just leave you open. Splash a few, keep ’em honest.


Free Throw: 70 – Decent enough to get you points at the line. Just focus and knock ’em down.



Handling & Playmaking

Pass Accuracy: 77 – You got vision with this one. Drop those dimes and keep teammates happy.


Ball Handle: 85 – You’ll be breaking ankles, son. Keep the rock on a string.


Speed With Ball: 80 – Push that pace and blow by your defenders.



Lockdown D

Interior Defense: 66 – Not a primary focus, but can hold your own when bigs try to bully.


Perimeter Defense: 80 – You ain’t letting these guards and wings get easy looks. Lock ’em down.


Steal: 70 – Get sneaky and strip the ball when they ain’t looking.


Block: 60 – Every once in a while, remind them you can swat too.



Hitting the Boards

Offensive Rebound: – Nah, fam, we got a big zero here. But let the bigs handle this, and you focus on getting back.


Defensive Rebound: 60 – Help out on the defensive end. Snag those boards and push that break.



Athleticism & Endurance

Speed: 81 – You gotta be quick on those feet. Race down the court like it’s nothing.


Acceleration: 80 – Go from chillin’ to full-on sprint. Leave defenders in the dust.


Strength: 70 – Got enough muscle to handle some contact. Body up when you need to.


Vertical: 85 – Hop off a trampoline, and get up there!


Stamina: 99 – Bruh, you’re never getting tired -> play all day, every day…



Gameplay Tips for Ballin’ Out Like B-Roy

Aight, so you got that B-Roy build all set and ready to roll. Now, how you gonna hoop like him? Let’s get into it!



Work the Mid-Range

B-Roy had that buttery mid-range jumper. So when you’re on the court, work those pick and rolls, pull up when the defender goes under screens, and keep ’em guessing. Remember, it ain’t always about the deep ball.



Drive & Finish

With that explosive drive, don’t be scared to take your defender off the dribble. Attack the rim, absorb the contact, and get those and-ones. Put ’em on a poster if you have to!



Break Some Ankles

Your handle is tight! So when you’re in iso situations, hit ’em with a couple of crossovers, snatchbacks, and spin moves. Make sure to clip it when you drop someone; it’s all about those highlights.



Playmaker Vibes

You ain’t just about scoring. With that vision, look out for your teammates cutting or spotting up. Drop dimes and get those easy assists. Run the fast break and keep your eyes up; your team’s gonna love playing with you.



Get Sneaky on D

You got some solid defensive stats. So, anticipate those passing lanes and snatch some steals. And when they think they got an easy bucket, come from the weak side and swat that thing!!



Help on the Boards

Even if you ain’t the main rebounder, crash the boards when you can, especially on the defensive end. Quick rebounds can transition into fast breaks, and with your speed, that’s easy points.



Stamina on Fleek

Bruh, you ain’t ever getting winded out here. Push the pace, run your defender ragged, and take advantage of those moments when they’re gassed.



Clutch Time

Remember, B-Roy had ice in his veins. When it’s crunch time, demand the rock. Hit those game-winners and silence the crowd…


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