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NBA 2K24: Best Magic JOHNSON Build

NBA 2K24: Best Magic JOHNSON Build

Ayo, 2K fam! Ever wanted to run the court like Magic? I’m talkin’ Earvin “Magic” Johnson—the Showtime legend himself… Let’s keep it a buck: Magic wasn’t just any baller; dude was a 5-time NBA champ, a 3-time MVP, and the main man behind the ’80s Lakers dynasty. Size, vision, flair—Magic had it all. If you’re looking to bring that Showtime flair to the virtual hardwood, with the finesse of the Magic-era fast breaks and no-look passes, you’re in the right place. We’re about to deep dive into the ultimate Magic Johnson build for NBA 2K24.



Position & Measurements

Position: Point Guard


Magic wasn’t just any guard; he had size. You’re going to want to set:


Height: 6’8″. This gives us that over-the-top vision and ability to post up them little guards.


Weight: 208 lbs. It’s the sweet spot between mobility and strength.


Wingspan: 7’2″. Them long arms ain’t just for show; they’re for picking pockets, contesting shots, and of course, fancy passes.



Alright, let’s chop it up about these numbers real quick. Gotta know what kind of heat you’re packin’ with this build.



Bucket Gettin’

Close Shot: 81 – So you’re telling me you can get cozy in the paint and drop those easy buckets? Say less.


Driving Layup: 80 – Smooth with it! Float it up and watch it drop.


Driving Dunk: 80 – Bro, defenders better clear the lane or get put on a poster.


Standing Dunk: 29 – Aight, we ain’t looking to throw down standing jams, but who cares when you can drive and fly?



Shooting from the Floor

Mid-Range Shot: 65 – That mid-range game decent, not the go-to but it can hit.


Three-Point Shot: 80 – Magic from deep? Splash alert!


Free Throw: 62 – Not elite, but you’ll sink enough to keep ’em honest.



Magic in the Making

Post Control: 92 – Straight up bully moves in the post. They ain’t ready for this sauce.


Pass Accuracy: 80 – Droppin’ dimes left and right. No-look passes? All day.


Ball Handle: 85 – Man, the rock’s on a string with this. Ankle breakers incoming.


Speed With Ball: 77 – Pushing that break like it’s the ’80s all over again.



Lockdown City

Interior Defense: 75 – You ain’t no pushover in the paint.


Perimeter Defense: 81 – Quick on them feet, chasing shadows on the perimeter.


Steal: 41 – Not the best pickpocket, but hey, we here to pass, shoot, and score.


Block: 87 – Sending that weak stuff outta here! Block party vibes.



Board Man Gets Paid

Offensive Rebound: 61 – Sneak in and snag a couple here and there.


Defensive Rebound: 70 – Clean up the glass, and push that fast break.




Speed: 81 – Big man with some wheels. Let’s run it!


Acceleration: 75 – Zero to a hundred (well, 75) real quick.


Strength: 74 – Got enough muscle to hold your own.


Vertical: 74 – Catch some air when you’re driving in…


Stamina: 93 – Run the floor all day, no gas out.



Magic Johnson Gameplay Tips: Bring That Showtime to 2K24!

Aight, now that you got the blueprint for Magic, here’s how you work that magic on the court. Stay woke, these tips gonna make you a beast!



Running The Floor

  • Push The Break: Remember, Magic was the king of fast breaks. Whenever you grab a board or get a steal, push the pace. Look for them lanes, hit those streaking teammates, or just take it coast to coast.


  • Size Matters: You’re a 6’8″ PG! Utilize that height. Got a smaller guard on you -> Back ’em down, bully them a bit and use that size to your advantage… A little post-hook or a turnaround jumper? Money!



Showtime Passing

  • No-look Dimes: Magic was known for his flashy passes. Try pulling off some no-look dimes or behind-the-back passes when you’re in transition. Trust, it’ll get the crowd and your teammates hype!


  • Break Some Ankles: With that ball handle? Man, you gotta make defenders dance. Use some crossovers, spins, and behind-the-back moves. Make ’em look silly and then dish it or finish at the rim.



Defense on Lock

  • Use That Wingspan: With a 7’2″ wingspan, you can contest shots from a mile away. Get in those passing lanes, and even if they think they got a step on you, reach out and swat that ball!


  • Protect The House: With that block rating? You gotta be the last line of defense. Someone thinks they can finish over you? Show ’em what’s up and pin it against the glass.



Rebound & Reset

  • Crash the Boards: Even as a PG, you can mix it up in the paint. Use that size to snag boards over smaller guards. Remember, every rebound is an opportunity for a fast break.


  • Set The Table: After grabbing a board, don’t be too quick to give up the ball. Push it up, assess the situation, and either take it to the hole or set up the offense.



And Lastly, Play With Flair

Magic played with joy, with flair, with that Showtime energy! Don’t be just another player on the court. Be the showstopper, the main attraction. Flashy passes, big dunks, clutch shots—give the fans what they came for!


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