Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys


PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Below, we’ve listed the classic controls used in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. You may create your own custom key bindings for everything if you wish. In the front end menu or the in-game menu go to “options” and “controls” to set these up.



General Game Hotkeys

Show Game Menu – ESC

Show Chat Window – Enter

Attack Move – Shift-Ctrl-Z

Delete Selected Units – Delete

Find Town Center – F1

Find Home City – F2

Find Explorer – F3

Find Idle Military – F4

Toggle Game Time – F5

Toggle Score Display – F6

Toggle Player Summary Dialog – F7

Pause/Unpause Gameplay – F8

Quick Save Game – F9

Quick Load Game – F10

Enable Friend or FOE Colors – F11



Command Hotkeys

Stop – Shift-Ctrl-S

Toggle Auto Repair – Shift-Ctrl-R

Eject Units – Shift-Ctrl-E



Find Unit Hotkeys

Find Selection – Space

Find Last Notification – Mouse3Down

Find Last Notification – Home

Find All Idle Villagers – Shift-Ctrl-tilde

Find All Idle Military – Control-F3

Find All Military – Shift-Control-F3

Find Market – Control-W

Find Mill or Farm – Control-E

Find Dock – Control-R

Find Estate – Control-G

Find Arsenal – Control-X

Find Outpost – Control-C



Misc. Hotkeys

Screenshot – F12

Pause/Unpause Gameplay – F7

Clear Chats – End

Camera Movement – Arrow Keys


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