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NBA 2K24: Best Tracy McGRADY Build

NBA 2K24: Best Tracy McGRADY Build

Yo, ballers! If you’ve been looking for that perfect Tracy McGrady (T-Mac) build in NBA 2K24, then you’ve rolled up to the right spot. I’m about to put y’all on and drop all the knowledge you need to replicate one of the most iconic scorers in NBA history.



The Vision

First off, know what you’re aiming for. We’re talking about T-Mac in his prime – those Orlando Magic days where he was absolutely cookin’ and those Rockets moments when he was splashin’. This is the guy who dropped 13 points in 33 seconds. So, if you want your MyPlayer doing T-Mac type things, then pay close attention.



Position and Basics

Position: Shooting Guard.


Height: Go for 6’8″. T-Mac was a tall guard, and you’re gonna want that length to posterize fools and shoot over ’em.


Wingspan: 7’1″


Weight: Stay around 210lbs. You want to be quick but still have the strength to body up against defenders…



Attributes Breakdown

Scoring Inside

Close Shot (85): Man, T-Mac ain’t missin’ from up close. He’s got that smooth touch right under the basket.


Driving Layup (89): When he drives the lane? Forget about it. He’s laying that ball up silky smooth.


Driving Dunk (85): Bro, you see this number? Means when T-Mac’s flying, bodies are hitting the floor. The rim ain’t safe!!


Standing Dunk (75): Even without a run-up, my guy can still throw it down. Not quite prime-Vince Carter, but we ain’t complaining.


Post Control (74): He can back down a bit, got some moves in the post; not his go-to but he can still mix it up…



Mid-Range & Beyond

Mid-Range Shot (86): This where T-Mac bread gets buttered. He’s wet from the mid, automatic buckets.


Three-Point Shot (80): Bro’s got range too! He’s not Steph, but he’ll knock them down if you leave him open.


Free Throw (69): Aight, so he ain’t the king of the charity stripe, but he ain’t Shaq either. Respectable.



Making Moves – Dish & Swish

Pass Accuracy (80): T-Mac can dish. Got that vision, pinpoint passes.


Ball Handle (84): Handles on deck! Man’s got the rock on a string. Breaking ankles and taking names.


Speed With Ball (75): Pushing the rock up the court, he ain’t Usain Bolt, but he’s no slouch either.



Locking It Down – Defense… Sometimes

Interior Defense (32): Okay, so homie ain’t blocking shots in the paint. But it’s cool, he’s got other strengths.


Perimeter Defense (82): On the outside though? Clamps! Man’s locking up on the wing.


Steal (61): He’s got a decent eye for pilfers. He ain’t CP3, but he’ll snag a few cookies.


Block (0): So yeah… don’t expect T-Mac to be sending any shots to the stands. Not his vibe.


Offensive Rebound (0): Rebounds? He’ll leave that to the big fellas.


Defensive Rebound (50): He’ll grab a couple on the defensive end, but again, he’s letting the bigs eat here.



Athleticism & Stamina

Speed (71): Quick enough to keep defenders on their toes.


Acceleration (75): He’s got that zero to sixty vibe. Can hit top speed quick.


Strength (48): Not bench-pressing the gym, but strong enough to hold his own.


Vertical (80): Dude’s got hops! Can definitely get up there.


Stamina (90): Energy for days! T-Mac’s running the court all day, every day.



Gameplay Tips

Scoring Inside – Gettin’ Buckets Where It Counts

In The Paint: Use that close shot ability to feast in the paint. If you find yourself under the basket, don’t hesitate; pull that trigger!


Drive Baby, Drive: With your driving layup stat, you’re a beast driving to the hoop. Use that Euro step, the spin layup, or just go up strong. They can’t hang with you!


Slam It Home: You got the hops, so don’t be shy about takin’ flight. Use that driving dunk when you see an opening to put someone on a poster.


Post Up: Not your bread and butter, but keep ’em guessing. Hit ’em with a quick post fade or a hook every now and then to keep the defense honest.



Mid-Range & Beyond – Shooters Shoot

Mid-Range Killer: This is your comfort zone. Use screens, create space, and let it fly. Your mid-range is money.


Beyond The Arc: You ain’t Curry, but you can still hit threes. If they sag off, make ’em pay. Keep ’em honest by knocking down open threes.


Free Throws: You ain’t automatic from the line, but you can hit ’em when you need to. So draw fouls and get those easy points.



Making Moves – Handles & Dimes

Break ‘Em Down: With your ball-handling, you can get by almost anyone. Use crossovers, behind-the-backs, whatever you gotta do to shake your man.


Pass It: Don’t sleep on your passing ability. If you draw a double team or see an open man, dish that rock. Keep the ball moving and rack up those assists.


Push The Pace: You got decent speed with the ball. If you snag a rebound or get an outlet pass, push it up the court and make something happen.



Locking It Down – D Up!!

Perimeter Defense: Stick to your man like glue on the perimeter. Use that defensive stat to clamp down on wing players and guards.


Steals: You ain’t a master thief, but you can pick some pockets. Look for those passing lanes and swipe when the time is right.


Let The Bigs Do The Dirty Work: You ain’t here for blocks or boards. Let your big men handle that business while you focus on scoring and locking down your man.



Athleticism & Stamina – Full Throttle

Run The Floor: With your stamina, you can go all day. Keep running those lanes, and you’ll tire out the competition…


Strength & Speed: You got enough to hold your own. Whether it’s fighting through screens or backing down a weaker defender, use what you got.


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