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NBA 2K24: Best Russell WESTBROOK Build

Russell WESTBROOK in NBA 2K24

Yo, what’s poppin’, hoop heads? If you’re looking to dominate the court in 2K24 and channel the energy and athleticism of one of the NBA’s most electric players, Russell Westbrook, then you’ve clicked on the right guide. I got you! Let’s get straight into it, no cap.



The Blueprint

Remember, we’re aiming for that Prime Brody build, the OKC Thunder days where Russell Westbrook was tearing up the court, dunking on bigs, and snatching triple-doubles like it was nothing. This ain’t just some average PG build – this is the MVP Brody blueprint.


  • Position: Point Guard


  • Height: 6’3 – Straight out the gate, we keep it true to Brody’s actual height. You’ll still be athletic, fast, and versatile.


  • Weight: 200 lbs – Gives you that mix of speed and strength.


  • Wingspan: 6’7 – For those nasty dunks and snagging boards over bigger players.



Attributes Breakdown


Close Shot: 55 – We’re not focusing too much on these bunny layups. Westbrook’s more about explosive finishes.


Driving Lay Up: 80 – Sometimes you gotta finesse it when you’re dodging those shot-blockers.


Driving Dunk: 93 – So you can throw down like a madman, snag those Westbrook signature dunks.


An 80 vertical combined with this driving dunk ensures you get those gold posterizer and precision dunker badges. Translation? You’re putting anyone trying to contest you on a poster.




Look, we all know Russ isn’t known for sniping threes like Curry. So, we’re keeping it real.


Mid-Range Shot: 76 – Russ’s mid-range pull-up? Deadly.


Three-Point Shot: 65 – Enough to keep ’em honest, but you ain’t no sharp.


Free Throw: 77 – You want to capitalize when you’re sent to the stripe after those hard drives.




Pass Accuracy: 84 – Drop dimes like Brody. Silver needle threader is a must.


Ball Handle: 92 – This lets you dance on defenders and also unlocks those gold badges for ball handling.


Speed With Ball: 83 – Combine this with your ball handle, and you’re basically a rocket on the court.




Westbrook’s known for his all-around game, so we ain’t slacking here.


Perimeter Defense: 85 – Lock up those guards and wings.


Steal: 65 – Russ has quick hands, so we’re giving him a decent steal rating.


Offensive Rebound: 56 and Defensive Rebound: 66 – Brody is Mr. Triple-Double for a reason. He crashes the boards hard for a PG.




Speed: 86 and Acceleration: 84 – We want that zero-to-hundred, explosive Westbrook speed.


Strength: 50 – Giving him some muscle for those bumps and contact finishes.


Vertical: 80 – So you can sky high for dunks and rebounds.


Stamina: 99 – Russ plays with crazy energy; you need that max stamina to replicate his endless hustle…



Badge Talk

Now, with this build, you’re gonna be able to unlock a plethora of badges to mimic Russ’s gameplay. From finishing at the rim with ‘Posterizer’ to dancing on defenders with ‘Hyperdrive’, this build gives you a variety of tools in your arsenal.



Gameplay Tips – Unleashing the MVP Brody in 2K24

Ayye, let’s get it, y’all! If you’ve been vibing with this MVP Brody build, I know you’re hungry for some gameplay tips. Here’s how you really finesse with this beast of a build.



Play Like Brody, Get Buckets Like Brody

  • Fastbreak General: Use that speed, baby! Once you snag that board or your team gets possession, push that pace. You got the stamina, so run that break and either slam it home or find the open man for an easy bucket.


  • Mid-Range Assassin: Utilize that deadly mid-range shot. Especially in pick and roll situations, if they go under the screen, pull up and drain that J in their face.


  • Poster Time: If you see that lane open up, take it to the hole and let that 93 driving dunk do the work. Turn on the jets and go airborne; make them regret ever trying to jump with you.


  • Triple-Double Watch: Don’t forget, Russ is an all-around player. So make sure you’re filling up that stat sheet. Get in there for some boards, drop dimes, and of course, get those points. Crash those boards, especially on the defensive end, and then push the pace.



Iso Ball & Ankle Insurance

  • Dance on ‘Em: You got the handles for days so use ’em. Isolate, size up your defender and either blow by them or step back for that mid-range killer shot…


  • Ankle Breakers: Use those gold badges to make your defenders look silly. Hit ’em with a crossover, a behind-the-back, or any dribble move that gets them off balance. Then either take it to the rim or find the open man.



Lockdown City

  • Be a Pest: You got that 85 Perimeter D and a decent steal rating. Get in your opponent’s face, make ’em uncomfortable. Try to poke the ball free when you can…


  • Switchability: With your athleticism, you can guard 1 through 3 effectively… Don’t be afraid to switch on picks and contest those shots.


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