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NBA 2K24: Best Ron ARTEST (Metta World Peace) Build

NBA 2K24: Best Ron ARTEST (Metta World Peace) Build

Yo, what’s good, ballers? So y’all wanna make a build that’s straight-up lockdown like Ron Artest, a.k.a. Metta World Peace? This dude was an absolute menace on the court—unreal on D and could still drain those threes. Think about it: Kobe wanted this man on his squad for a reason. Now, I’ma break down how you can create a monster 3 and D wing, just like Ron Artest, in NBA 2K24. Let’s get it.



The Basics

First things first. We’re looking to make a Small Forward because that’s where Ron Artest truly shined. This dude was a 3 and D wing, the kinda player who was a threat on both sides of the floor. So yeah, we ain’t playin’; we’re getting right to business.



Position and Measurements

Position: Small Forward


Height: 6’7″


Weight: 244 lbs


Wingspan: 6’11”



Attributes Breakdown

Offensive Capabilities

  • Close Shot (70): We ain’t playing around in the paint. With a 70 close shot, you’re set to get those easy buckets when defenders are slipping or taking a snooze.


  • Driving Layup & Dunk (75): That’s right, fam. A solid 75 on both means you’re gonna be slashing through the defense, taking it to the rack with authority. Be ready to drop some posters.


  • Standing Dunk (60): Sometimes you gotta surprise ’em with that unexpected jam. It ain’t the main course, but it’s a solid appetizer.


  • Post Control (50): It’s a light flex, but if you get that mismatch, go ahead and bully ’em a bit in the post.


  • Mid-Range & Three (63 & 78): With that 78 from deep and a respectable 63 in the mid, defenders can’t sleep on you anywhere. Splash town vibes.


  • Free Throw (71): Clutch situations need clutch free throws. And with a 71? Ice in the veins, baby.




  • Pass Accuracy (60): Look, you ain’t no Magic Johnson, but you can dish the rock decently with this 60.


  • Ball Handle & Speed With Ball (75): These twins at 75? You got enough juice to shake defenders and zip through the court.



Defensive Dominance

  • Interior & Perimeter Defense (73 & 94): This combo?? Say less. You’re gonna be a wall on the inside and a pest on the outside. It’s lockup season.


  • Steal (95): Hands quicker than a pickpocket in NYC. With a 95? Man, you’re swiping everything!


  • Block (33): Alright, maybe you’re not swatting shots like Mutombo, but you’ll get a hand in there occasionally.


  • Rebounding (26 Offensive, 50 Defensive): You’re more about that guard board action with these stats. Lock down that D-rebound, and let the bigs handle the O.




  • Speed & Acceleration (75): Quick feet, quick moves. Transition game is gonna be lit.


  • Strength (70): Strong enough to hold your own in those tough battles and skirmishes.


  • Vertical (75): Get up there and challenge them shots or secure that board. Skies the limit!


  • Stamina (95): Marathon man vibes. You’re gonna be running the court all day, every day.



Badging Up

This ain’t just about numbers. It’s about them badges too. With that Perimeter Defense at 94, you’re snagging HOF Challenger and ankle braces. And with that Steal at 95? Bruh, Hall of Fame Interceptor is all yours. Throw in Green Machine, Hook Specialist, and some more, and you’re looking at a certified problem on the court.



Gameplay Tips

Make the Most of Your Offense

Inside Game: First off, get yourself comfortable in the paint. Use that driving layup and dunk to your advantage. If you see the lane, take it, fam! Make them think twice about leaving you open.


Shoot Your Shot: Don’t hesitate to let it fly from deep. You’ve got enough sauce from beyond the arc to make ’em pay. And when they close out too hard, hit ’em with that mid-range game…


Clutch FTs: Look, late-game situations are when you shine. You might not be a free-throw sniper, but you’ve got enough ice in your veins to sink ’em when it counts.



Playmaking Like a Pro

Facilitator Vibe: You may not be the primary ball handler, but you’ve got some skills. Keep that ball moving, don’t stick like glue, and help facilitate when needed.


Speedy Transitions: Use your quickness to punish ’em on fast breaks. Whether you’re the one dishing the rock or the one finishing the play, make sure you’re part of that transition offense.



Lockdown Defense

Perimeter Pest: You’re basically a defensive wizard out there, bruh. Stick to your man like white on rice and use those quick hands to swipe the ball away whenever you can.


Interior Intimidation: Don’t sleep on your inside defense. You may not be the tallest guy on the floor, but you can definitely put the clamps on anyone trying to score in the paint.


Rebound, Rebound, Rebound: Even if you ain’t a big man make sure you’re in position for those defensive boards. You can jump, so use it to snatch some rebounds away from them taller dudes…


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