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NBA 2K24: Best Austin REAVES Build

Austin REAVES in NBA 2K24

Yo, what’s good, 2K squad? You clicked on the right guide, ’cause we about to dive deep into how to create the ultimate Austin Reeves build in NBA 2K24. Now if you’re scratching your head asking, “Who’s Austin Reeves?” – let me put you on game. This dude ain’t no LeBron or KD, but he’s got mad skills: shooting, passing, and some slick ball-handling. We’re aiming to catch all that sauce in this build.




  • Position: Point Guard, ’cause you need to control the floor.


  • Height: 6’5″ – It’s a win-win. You’re tall enough to contest shots and short enough to slip by defenders.


  • Weight: 197 lbs – This ain’t Goldilocks, but this weight is just right. Good for speed and doesn’t kill you on D.


  • Wingspan: 6’6 – You’re probably thinkin’, “Why not max it out?” But trust, this wingspan is the magic number for snagging boards and getting those quick steals without sacrificing too much on your shot.



Attributes Breakdown

Close Shot: 71

Our boy Austin ain’t some close-range monster, but that 71 means he’s reliable enough when he’s up close and personal with the rim. You can count on those little lay-ins and flip shots when things get tight.


Driving Layup: 70

70 ain’t superstar level, but it’s enough to get that finger roll or reverse when you slip past your defender. Add some finesse and you’re golden.


Driving Dunk: 73

Austin isn’t known for hanging on the rim, but a 73 means when the lane’s open, you better believe he’s taking flight. Watch for those cut lanes!


Mid-Range Shot: 77

Old school ballers know the mid-range is where games are won. That 77 gives you enough juice to pull-up in your defender’s face when they ain’t respecting it.


Three-Point Shot: 92

This right here? Chef’s kiss. 92 from downtown means you’re basically a sniper. Defenders gonna have nightmares trying to close out on you.


Free Throw: 67

It ain’t the prettiest number, but it ain’t zero. Get into a rhythm, find a routine, and you can knock these down in clutch moments.


Pass Accuracy: 87

With an 87, Austin’s dropping dimes smoother than butter on a hot skillet. Cutting teammates? They’re getting fed all game long.


Ball Handle: 84

Shifty with it! 84 lets you dance on defenders and create space. Combine with a quick first step and watch those ankles.


Speed With Ball: 83

Fast breaks, quick transitions, or just navigating the half-court, this rating ensures you’re moving smooth with the rock in hand.


Interior Defense: 30

Let’s be real – we ain’t swatting shots inside, but we knew that coming in. Stay smart & steer clear of those big men…


Perimeter Defense: 72 & Steal: 72

Not exactly a defensive maestro, but you’re no slouch. Quick hands and decent footwork mean you’re staying in front of your man and might snatch a few balls here and there.


Offensive Rebound: 26 & Defensive Rebound: 27

Alright, Austin ain’t out here grabbing every board, but when the ball bounces right, you might snag a few, especially those longer ones off missed threes.


Speed: 78 & Acceleration: 85

Quick on the draw and maintaining pace means you’re zooming past defenders and hitting those lanes in no time.


Strength: 60

For a PG, this is respectable. Enough to handle some contact, maybe even push back a little on those smaller guards.


Vertical: 70

It’s not Vince Carter, but you can still rise when the situation calls for it. Catch a few defenders sleeping, for real.


Stamina: 96

Bro, you’re basically the energizer bunny. Running full games and still sprinting in the 4th? That’s that 96 stamina coming in clutch.


Zero Attributes:

Now, every build’s got its weak spots, and we ain’t hiding from them. Post moves, post hook, block… these are in the zero range. But remember, we’re playing to Austin’s strengths, and every player’s got some holes in their game. It’s all about maximizing what you got…



Badge Talk

For Finishing, you’ll unlock badges like Fast Twitch and Giant Slayer. For shooting, that Silver Limitless is gonna be clutch. On the playmaking side, you’ll get badges like Bail Out and Speed Booster. Defensively, you’ll unlock badges like Ankle Braces and Off-Ball Pest. So you’ll be solid all around.



Gameplay Tips for the Austin Reeves Build

Mix Up Your Play: You’ve got a decent mid-range and a fire three-pointer. Keep your defender guessing. Hit them with a step-back, then switch it up next time by driving in. You ain’t a one-trick pony with this build.


Pick n’ Roll: With your passing and ball-handling, run pick n’ roll sets all day. You can either drive, pull up for the shot, or dish it out to the roller. Keep the defense on its toes.


Be Smart Defensively: Look you ain’t a defensive powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be effective. Play the passing lanes with your decent steal rating and use that wingspan to contest shots.


Utilize Screens: With your three-point skills, screens are your best friend. Use them to get an open look, and once you’ve got that Silver Limitless Range, you can pull up from deep. Chef Curry vibes, ya know??


Fast Breaks: With that 96 stamina and 78 speed, run those fast breaks. Whether you’re leading the charge or trailing for that deep three, capitalize on every break.


Ankle Breaker Moments: With a solid 84 ball handle, hit ’em with those iso plays occasionally. Size up your defender, and break them down with your dribbles. Just remember, pass if the double comes!


Physical Play: Your weight and strength will allow you to occasionally bully smaller guards. Don’t shy away from contact when driving – use your body and finish strong.


Off-Ball Movement: Don’t just stand around when you don’t have the rock. Make cuts, set off-ball screens, and position yourself for open threes.


Master Your Shot: The jump shot animation you choose can make a big difference. Find one that you’re comfortable with, practice in the MyCourt and get that timing down to muscle memory…


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