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NBA 2K24: Best Dwight HOWARD Build

NBA 2K24: Best Dwight HOWARD Build

Yo, what’s good, ballers? Ready to absolutely dominate the paint in NBA 2K24? Then look no further. Today, we’re about to build a Prime Dwight Howard so dope, you’ll be sending your opponents straight to the shadow realm. Let’s get it!



General Vibes

First off, shoutout to Dwight Howard—man was an absolute beast during his prime time with the Orlando Magic. We talkin’ rebounds, blocks, dunks—the whole nine yards. So here’s how you can channel that energy in NBA 2K24.



Position and Physicals

Position: Center – No surprise here. We’re recreating Dwight Howard in his prime, so you’re definitely rocking the Center position. Big man moves only!


Height: Stand towering at 6’10”. You’re not just big; you’re a skyscraper in the paint…


Weight: Bulk up to 265 pounds. Strong enough to body anyone in the post.


Wingspan: Spread those arms out to a wild 7’6″. Man, you’ll be snagging boards and blocking shots like it’s a piece of cake!!



Attributes: Full Stat Rundown

Scoring Stats

Close Shot: We’re rolling with a 53 here, nothing to write home about, but you’re gonna make those easy buckets.


Driving Layup: You’re lookin’ slick with a 73. Not shabby when driving to the hoop.


Driving Dunk: Insane 93. You’re throwing it down like a dunk contest.


Standing Dunk: You’re gonna slam it home easily with an 83.


Post Control: A 75 means you got the post moves to back down your defender.




Mid-Range Shot: Big fat zero. Yeah, don’t even try to pull up from mid-range.


Three-Point Shot: Another zero! Don’t even think about launching threes; it ain’t your game.



Ball Handling

Free Throw: Got a 50, but let’s be honest, free throws were never Dwight’s strong suit.


Ball Handle: A modest 43. You ain’t no Steph Curry, but you can hold the rock.


Pass Accuracy: Zero. You’re not dishing out dimes; you’re the one catching ’em.


Speed With Ball: Another zero. You’re not meant to dribble up the court; stay in the paint.



Defense and Rebounding

Interior Defense: Beastly 99! Good luck to anyone trying to score in the paint.


Perimeter Defense: A meh 49, but you’ll do fine for a big man.


Steal: Aight, you got a 44, which ain’t bad.


Block: A jaw-dropping 92. Block party anyone?


Offensive Rebound: Sitting at a strong 79, so you’ll be there for those second-chance points.


Defensive Rebound: A massive 92! Nobody’s out-boarding you.




Speed: You’re not a snail; a 66 is decent for a big guy.


Acceleration: You’re not blasting off, but 51 is aight.


Strength: Powerful 84. You’re pushing people around in the paint for sure.


Vertical: With an 80, you’re gonna be leaping over people.


Stamina: You got a respectable 88, so you’re not getting gassed out there.



Gameplay Tips

Paint Domination

Offense: Stay in the paint. With those layups and dunks, you’re a guaranteed bucket close to the rim. Utilize pick and rolls, alley-oops, and those prime post moves. The paint is your kingdom, reign supreme.


Defense: With that monstrous wingspan and vertical, block those shots and protect the rim like a sentinel. If they come into your territory, make ’em regret it.



Rebounding Machine

You gotta crash the boards, both offensive and defensive. Every missed shot is your chance to shine. Box out, jump, and snag those rebounds. Turn ’em into putback dunks or kick out for second-chance points.



No Shooting, No Problem

Your mid-range and three ain’t worth a dime -> so don’t even think about it… Your game is inside. Stick to what you know and dominate.



Fast Breaks

Even though you ain’t the quickest, with that stamina and strength, you can bulldoze through for easy transition buckets. Don’t sleep on your speed.




Get down low, back ’em down with those post moves, and score easy buckets. Drop steps, hooks, up-and-unders—you name it.



Defense is Key

Be the anchor on defense. With that insane block rating and interior defense, make sure they think twice before trying anything in the paint. And if they’re brave enough, swat it into the stands.



Play Smart

With your ball handle and passing not being your strengths, don’t try to play hero ball. Get the ball to your guards. Set screens, roll, and look for those easy buckets.



Condition is Key

With that stamina, you’re not tapping out soon, but make sure to keep an eye on fatigue. Rotate out when needed and come back in to continue the domination.



Adapt and Overcome

Even though your shooting stats are nada, use that to your advantage. Opponents might sleep on you, thinking you can’t score but then BAM!! Hit them with a dunk or a slick post move.


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