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NBA 2K24: Best Paul GEORGE Build

Paul GEORGE in NBA 2K24

Yo hoopers! If you’re tryna replicate that SoCal swag and finesse of PG-13 on NBA 2K24, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’re about to dive deep into the ultimate Paul George build, so you can break ankles, hit clutch shots, and put on a show like Mr. Playoff P himself.



Preliminary Stuff

Position: Small Forward


Height: 6’8″


Weight: 220 lbs


Wingspan: 6’11”


First off, we’re goin’ with the Small Forward position, standing tall at 6’8″ and weighing in at 220. A 6’11” wingspan gives you that extra reach for boards, steals, and of course, those sweet, sweet dunks.



Attributes Breakdown


  • Close Shot: 60 – Aight, listen, we ain’t making a post god here. 60 is decent for those close-range finishes but remember, PG ain’t Shaq.


  • Driving Layup: 80 – PG’s layup game is silky smooth, so we crank this up to an 80. You’re gonna be floatin’ ’em in like it’s nothin’.


  • Driving Dunk: 86 – Bruh, PG throws down hammers. With 86, you’ll be puttin’ folks on posters for days.


  • Standing Dunk: 31 – Yeah, we ain’t too concerned about this one. You’re not gonna be catching many standing oops, trust.


  • Post Control: 65 – Enough to get a couple of smooth post moves in, but you ain’t Hakeem, so don’t get wild with it.


  • Mid-Range Shot: 84 – Man’s got a jumper! 84 is more than enough to hit those elbow Js and fadeaways.


  • Three-Point Shot: 82 – You can stretch the floor with this. PG’s a threat from deep; don’t sleep.


  • Free Throw: 76 – Could be better, but hey, you ain’t there to shoot free throws. You’re there to make highlights!




  • Pass Accuracy: 84 – You can dime up your teammates without lookin’ like a fool. 84’s where it’s at.


  • Ball Handle: 84 – You can cross ’em up and break some ankles with an 84. PG’s handles are clean, no cap.


  • Speed with Ball: 75 – 75’s aight. He can push the tempo but ain’t no Westbrook…




  • Interior Defense: 55 – Look, you ain’t no rim protector, but 55 will get you some stops when you need ’em.


  • Perimeter Defense: 86 – This right here? Clamps. PG’s a monster on the perimeter, and this 86 shows that.


  • Steal: 85 – Snatchin’ cookies all day. You’ll be a pickpocket god with this.


  • Block: 50 – Don’t expect to be Mutombo, but you’ll get a few chase-downs here and there.




  • Offensive Rebound: – – Look, you’re not here to snag boards. You’re here to score and lock up.


  • Defensive Rebound: 41 – Again, rebounding ain’t your primary focus, but a 41 means you won’t be totally useless in the paint.




  • Speed: 81 – PG can move. Period.


  • Acceleration: 73 – Quick but not TOO quick. You’re athletic, but you ain’t no cheetah.


  • Strength: 83 – Man’s got some muscle to him, 83 makes sure you’re not gettin’ pushed around.


  • Vertical: 75 – Catch those lobs and block those shots. A 75 here is more than respectable.


  • Stamina: 95 – You’re an iron man. A workhorse. This 95 means you’re running the floor all game, no breaks.



Key Badges

We’re aiming for versatility. PG does a bit of everything, so peep these badges:


  • Finishing: Hall of Fame Pro Touch, Gold Acrobat, Gold Air Wizard, and Silver Slithery Finisher. PG’s gonna be gliding to the rim with these.


  • Shooting: Gold Catch & Shoot, Silver Deadeye, Silver Corner Specialist. Man’s gotta shoot, right?


  • Playmaking: Silver Needle Threader and Silver Unpluckable. PG’s got vision, but he ain’t Magic. Keep it realistic.


  • Defense: Silver Clamps, Silver Pick Dodger, and Gold Off-Ball Pest.



Gameplay Tips for the Ultimate PG-13 Experience

Mix It Up: With this build, versatility is the name of the game. Don’t just settle for jumpers. Drive the lane, pull up for a mid-range, or dish it out to an open teammate. Keep the defense guessin’.


Pick & Roll Maestro: Use your ball-handling skills to create opportunities. Run that P&R (pick and roll) often. With your height and wingspan, you can see over the defense and hit the roller or pop out for an easy J.


Defensive Prowess: Bruh, with that perimeter D and steal? You should be pressuring ball handlers. Make them uncomfortable. Remember, PG is a two-way player, so don’t slack off on D.


Transition Game Strong: Utilize your speed and stamina. When you get that board or steal, push the pace. Either finish at the rim or find the open man. With that 81 speed, you’re a threat in transition.


Spot Up Shooter: Even though you got handles, don’t hesitate to play off the ball. With badges like Catch & Shoot, you can be lethal from deep. Get to your spots and let it fly.


Work the Post (Sparingly): I know, I know – you ain’t Hakeem. But with a 65 post control, you can occasionally take smaller defenders down low. Hit ’em with a quick spin or fadeaway. But remember, it’s a change of pace, not your bread and butter.


Conserve That Stamina: Even though you’re rocking a 95 stamina, use it wisely. Don’t sprint all game, especially on offense. Walk the ball up when necessary and pick your moments to explode.


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