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NBA 2K24: Best Dirk NOWITZKI Build


Ayy, what’s popping NBA 2K24 fam? Ready to dominate the courts with a legendary Dirk build? If you wanna turn heads and make it rain on ‘em like the German wonder himself, pull up a chair. I got you. We’re gonna cook up a beast Dirk Nowitzki build that’s straight flames.



Position & Size

Positon: First off, forget makin’ Dirk as a PF. In this game, power forwards max out at 7-foot. Dirk’s a towering 7’1″, so we gotta slide him into that center spot. That extra inch helps when you’re launching over fools tryna guard you.


  • Weight: 245 lbs. The perfect balance to keep him agile but still strong in the paint.


  • Height: 7’1”. The max for PF was 7’0”, but since we’re moving Dirk to C, feel free to push it to 7’1″ to truly rep his height.


  • Wingspan: 7’3. You might think about stretching it out a bit more for better defense, but I’d say stick with this. Remember, we’re tryna replicate the man himself.



Attributes Breakdown

Buckets in the Paint

Close Shot: 90 – If you’re near the hoop, it’s basically automatic. Cash money.


Driving Layup: 75 – Dirk ain’t known for his Kyrie-like layups, but he ain’t no slouch either.


Driving Dunk: 73 – Big fella can still throw it down if he’s feelin’ it.


Standing Dunk: 81 – Basically, if he’s under the rim, it’s a wrap. Poster time.


Post Control: 85 – Good luck tryna stop Dirk in the post. That fadeaway? Silky.



From Distance

Mid-Range Shot: 90 – Midrange game on point. Like, for real.


Three-Point Shot: 83 – He ain’t Steph, but you leave him open? That’s on you, my guy. He’s splashin’ that three.


Free Throw: 71 – Might be the one slight weak point, but hey, even GOATs ain’t perfect.



Ball Movements

Pass Accuracy: 77 – He can dish it out when he ain’t feelin’ the shot.


Ball Handle: 66 – Not breaking ankles, but can handle his own.


Speed With Ball: 53 – Not a speed demon with the ball, but he ain’t trippin’ over his feet either.



Lockdown D

Interior Defense: 74 – Bigs are gonna have a hard time inside with Dirk there.


Perimeter Defense: 37 – Okay, this ain’t his strong suit, but he can get a hand up.


Steal: 60 – He’ll swipe it here and there.


Block: 77 – He ain’t Mutombo, but he’s swattin’ a fair share outta there.



Board Man

Offensive Rebound: 72 – He’ll snag a few putbacks.


Defensive Rebound: 83 – He’s pullin’ these down, no doubt.




Speed: 61 – For a big man, Dirk can hustle when needed.


Acceleration: 52 – Takes a sec to get goin’, but he’s solid.


Strength: 92 – The dude’s built like a brick wall.


Vertical: 70 – Not sky-high, but enough to get the job done.


Stamina: 93 – Can run the court all day, every day.



Gameplay Tips for the NOWITZKI Build

Dominate in the Post

Man, Dirk in the post is where the magic happens. Don’t sleep on his post game.


  • Use that fadeaway. It’s iconic. Get into the post, create a little space, and let it fly. You’re not just shooting; you’re making art out here.


  • Got a little guy on you? Bully him. With Dirk’s strength and post control, smaller defenders don’t stand a chance.



Mid-Range Maestro

Dirk’s mid-range is cash. Don’t hesitate to pull up.


  • When you’re rolling off a screen, or even iso, take that step back. It creates separation, and that’s all you need to sink it.


  • Remember, defenders sleeping on that mid-range? Their loss. Make ’em pay.



Spacing the Floor

Man’s got range, so use it to space out the floor.


  • If you’re playing with friends or AI that know how to dish the rock, hang out on the perimeter occasionally. Catch and shoot or even a pump fake and drive can be nasty.


  • They leave Dirk open beyond the arc? Say less. Drain that three and let ’em know.



Defense and Boards

While perimeter D ain’t Dirk’s forte, he ain’t just standing there looking pretty either.


  • Body up bigger players in the paint. With his strength and block attributes, he can hold his own down low.


  • Be aggressive on the boards. Crash ’em, especially on the defensive end. You got that height and wingspan, use it!



Transition Game

With Dirk’s stamina, he can run the floor. So don’t be afraid to push the pace.


  • If you grab that board, look up and see if you can start a fast break. Dirk’s mid-range game can be lethal in transition.


  • Not every play has to be a post-up -> Mix it up… Keep the defense guessing.



Know Your Limits

Yeah, Dirk’s a legend, but even legends got weaknesses.


  • Don’t go playing point guard. While he can handle a bit, he ain’t crossing up defenders.


  • Watch out for quicker guards on defense. They’ll try to exploit the speed mismatch. Keep ’em in front and force them into help.


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