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NBA 2K24 – Stephen CURRY Build: Best Three-Point Shooter Build

Steph Curry NBA 2K24

Ayo, hoop heads! If you’re lookin’ to rain threes and shake defenders with some of the iciest handles in NBA 2K24, you gotta recreate the game of the Baby-Faced Assassin himself, Steph Curry… Let’s break it down, from the basics to the intricate details, to get you splashin’ like the two-time MVP.



Setting the Foundation

  • Position: Run PG ’cause that’s where Steph does his magic. You could slide to SG, but why mess with the blueprint?


  • Height & Weight: Roll with 6’2″, around 185 lbs. Might be lightweight on D, but you gon’ be quick and deadly from deep.


  • Wingspan: Keep it mid, fam. It’s all about that shot.



Maxing Out Those Attributes


  • Three-Point Rating: Bro, max this out to 99. You wanna be splashing treys like you’re washing your face every morning.


  • Mid-Range: A cool 90-93 will keep defenders honest.


  • Free Throws: Get that to an 85 at least; free points are a blessing.



Ball Handling:

  • Rating: Go 92 or higher. Remember, Curry got those slick moves.


  • Badges: HOF Tight Handles, Gold Unpluckable, and Silver Stop and Go. You need these to finesse defenders.



Speed & Acceleration:

  • Speed’s gotta be up there. Aim for 90+. And acceleration? Boost it to 91 or higher. You wanna zoom past defenders like they’re stuck in mud.




  • Pass Accuracy: Hit 88 or higher, and you’ll be dropping dimes smoother than a vending machine.


  • Badges: HOF Dimer and Flashy Passer. Serve up those highlight-worthy assists.




Keep that energy up. Aim for a rating of 93+. With Curry’s relentless off-ball movement, you’ll need it.




  • We’re not trying to be prime Gary Payton here, but let’s not sleep on Steph’s D. Perimeter defense at around 80 & steal around 85. He’s sneakier than you think.



Badges: Get the Icy Ones


Hot Zone Hunter: You gotta go HOF here, no cap.


Limitless Range: HOF. ‘Cause Curry range is just… anywhere.


Catch and Shoot: Gold. For those quick pull-ups.




Floor General: HOF. Run the show.


Dimer: Gold. Put your bros in the best spots.


Ankle Breaker: HOF. Gotta have them defenders on skates.




Interceptor: Silver. Quick hands, quick steals.


Clamps: Silver. When you gotta lock up.



Gameplay Tips

  • Off-Ball Movement: Play like Steph, not just with Steph. Use screens, cut, zig-zag, make your defender work overtime.


  • Pick & Roll: Master the art of the P&R… With the Curry build, defenses will overcommit leaving lanes wide open.


  • Shot Selection: Yeah we’ve maxed out that three-point rating, but don’t get wild. Take smart shots…


  • Utilize Teammates: Having a Draymond-like player for those high P&R situations is a game-changer. Surround yourself with shooters & a solid big man…


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