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NBA 2K24: How to Perform the Curry Slide

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What’s good, ballers? You know as well as anyone that the real magic of NBA 2K24 lies in the details – the crossover dribbles, the step-back threes, the alley-oops. But if there’s one move that’s got everyone buzzing, it’s the Curry Slide. Named after the man who’s as smooth with his dribbles as with his treys, Steph Curry, this move is going to take your game from lukewarm to straight fire. So, strap in, ’cause we’re about to deep-dive into the mechanics of executing the Curry Slide and getting that edge on the hardwood.



Step 1: Up Your Ball-Handling Game

First off, you gotta check if your player’s got the goods. To bust out the Curry Slide, your player needs a ball-handling rating of 86 or higher. Anything less, and you’re stuck on the bench. So if your player ain’t up to scratch, you better hit that grind and level up.



Step 2: Equip the Right Jukes

Next up, you gotta get your hands on the right animations. Slide over to the Animation Store and cop two specific animations: the Basic Size Up Package and the Size Up Escape Package. Make sure both are cranked up to Pro 5. No animations, no Curry Slide—it’s as simple as that.



Step 3: Perfect the Motion

Aight, now that you’re all swagged up, it’s time to drop the dime on the Curry Slide. You gotta erase that 2K23 playbook from your dome ’cause 2K24’s flipped the script. Here’s the lowdown:


  • Skip the Turbo: All you gotta do is keep a firm grip on that right stick, tilting it diagonal down towards the side that ain’t holding the rock. So if your dude’s dribbling with his right hand, you gotta shift that stick smooth-like diagonal down to the left, and if the rock’s in his left hand, slide it the other way.


Remember, this ain’t about flicking, it’s about holding. Picture it like you’re cruising, not speed-racing. Keep it silky, keep it slick, and before you know it, you’ll be serving up Curry Slides like a pro baller.



Step 4: Hit the Practice Court

Now, we all know balling ain’t easy, and the Curry Slide ain’t gonna be your go-to move right out of the gate. It’s time to hit the hardwood and practice till you’ve got it down. The Curry Slide can be done repeatedly, especially when you’ve got the Hall of Fame Handles for Days. So keep grinding till you’ve got it on lock.



Step 5: Implement the Slide in Your Games

Time to take your new move to the streets. The Curry Slide is most potent at the three-point line, creating space for you to drain that bucket.


  • Picks are golden: Set up a pick and execute a Curry Slide. It’s a killer combo – your defender will be stuck dodging the pick while you slide away for an open shot.


  • Driving home: Don’t restrict yourself to the perimeter. The Curry Slide is your ticket to a smooth drive to the hoop. It’s about finesse, not force.


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