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NBA 2K24: How to Perform the Drop Step


At its core, the Drop Step is a post move where the offensive player uses his body and footwork to “step around” his defender, essentially dropping toward the basket for a high-percentage shot. It’s a classic move often used by centers and power forwards to establish dominance in the low post.


The real power of the Drop Step lies in its simplicity and effectiveness making it a favorite move for players who like to dominate the paint. But keep in mind that to effectively utilize this move, you’ll need a player with good post control, strength, and the ability to score close to the rim.



How to Perform the Drop Step in NBA 2K24

Positioning in the Low Post: First things first, let’s get you in the right spot. Bring your player down to the low post. That’s the area close to the basket, just outside the paint. Once you’re in position, press and hold the L2/LT button (on PS5/Xbox Series X) to enter the post-up position. You’ll notice your player backing into the defender. The better your position, the easier it’ll be to perform the drop step.


Sizing Up Your Defender: Before you start throwing your weight around, check out your defender. Are they stronger or weaker? Taller or shorter? How are they guarding you – aggressively or giving you space? All of this info will determine how you execute your drop step.


Initiating the Drop Step: Now, it’s time to make your move. While still holding L2/LT, move the left stick toward the basket. Then quickly release and press the Square/X button (on PS5/Xbox Series X) without the stick input. Timing is key – if you’re too slow, you’ll perform a different post move. So make sure to keep it snappy!


Finishing at the Rim: You’ve got your defender beat, and you’re moving towards the basket. Now, you gotta finish the play. You can go for a simple layup by pressing the Square/X button again. But if you’re feeling fancy and there’s not too much traffic, why not go for a dunk? Just move the right stick upward while still holding the L2/LT button.



Pro Tips to Enhance Your Drop Step Game

Master the Fake: In basketball, the art of deception can be a real game-changer. Before performing the drop step, try a fake by pressing the Circle/B button (on PS5/Xbox Series X) while in the post-up position. This can throw off your defender, giving you a cleaner path to the hoop.


Use Your Body: If you’ve got a bigger, stronger player, use it to your advantage. Push into the defender a bit before initiating the drop step. This can create more space and give you a better angle for your shot.


Watching the D: If a second defender comes over to help, consider dishing to an open teammate instead of forcing a shot. The Drop Step can draw a lot of eyeballs from defenders!


Know Your Matchup: This ain’t just about size or strength. It’s also about knowing your defender’s game. If they’ve got quick feet, you might need to be slicker with your Drop Step. If they’re a shot-blocker, make sure you’ve got plenty of lift on your finish. Every player’s different, so adjust your game accordingly.


Play with Pace: Speed ain’t everything. Sometimes, slowin’ it down can really throw your defender off. Try changing your tempo before busting out the Drop Step. Going from slow to fast or vice versa can catch your defender sleepin’.


Eye on the Clock: Time is money, and in ball, it’s points. Watch that shot clock. If it’s running low, a well-executed Drop Step can be a clutch move to get a quick bucket.


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