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How to Execute a Euro Step in NBA 2K24


In real life, a Euro Step is all about misdirection. Imagine you’re driving to the hoop, you take a hard step in one direction, then bam! You quickly pivot and take your next step in the opposite direction before you layup or dish the rock. The defender? He’s left swiping at air and looking foolish.


The Euro Step in NBA 2K24 is no different. It’s all about that change of pace and direction to get your defender leaning the wrong way. But it ain’t just about knowing the move, it’s about when to use it.



Cooking Up a Euro Step in NBA 2K24

Depending on whether you’re team Xbox or PlayStation, the recipe’s a bit different. And remember, the key ingredient for a Euro Step is driving to the rack with the ball.



PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 Controls

On PlayStation, there are two ways to serve up a Euro Step:


Right Stick Method: Hold and move the right stick while you’re driving with the rock in your right hand. Keep that left foot planted. It’s like you’re teasing the defender with a step one way before snapping back the other.


Square Button Method: If the right stick ain’t your thing, you can also double-tap the Square button while you’re holding the left stick towards the off-side (that’s the direction away from your first step).



Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Controls

For the Xbox ballers, the methods are similar, but the buttons are different:


Right Stick Method: Hold and move the right stick while going to the rack with the ball in your right hand. Remember, left foot stays put.


X Button Method: As an alternative, double-tap the X button while you’re moving the left stick towards the off-side.



Getting That Euro Step Down Pat

Getting your Euro Step game on point in NBA 2K24 is gonna take some practice. Getting the timing just right is crucial, and that’s gonna come with some game time under your belt. The more you use the Euro Step, the better you’ll get at feeling when it’s the right move to make.


Also, don’t forget that each baller has their own style and skills. Some are gonna be smooth with the Euro Step, others not so much. Get to know your player, their stats, and their strengths, and you’ll know when to bust out a Euro Step for the win.


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