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NBA 2K24: How to Hop Step

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Before we get rolling, let’s break down what a hop step actually is. It’s a slick little move where your player takes a short ‘hop’ before pulling off a shot, be it a layup or a dunk. This move can mess with your opponents, opening up that sweet spot for you to take a clean shot.



Nailing the Hop Step Layup

  • Start the Drive: Get your player moving toward the basket. Remember, it’s all about timing and positioning in this game, so make sure your player is on point.


  • Pull Off the Hop: As soon as your player hits the paint – that’s the semicircle close to the basket – tap the X button (on Xbox) or Square (on PlayStation) to execute the hop step. It’s like a dance, my friend, and your player’s got the moves.


  • Seal the Deal with a Layup: After your player busts out the hop step, you need to follow through with the layup. To do this, press and hold the X/Square button once again. Boom, you’ve just scored a slick hop step layup!



Throwing Down a Hop Step Dunk

  • Start the Drive: Get the ball rolling by directing your player toward the hoop, just like in the layup.


  • Hop to It: When you reach the paint, tap X/Square to make your player execute the hop step.


  • Slam Dunk Time: To cap it off with a killer dunk, press and hold both the X/Square and RT/R2 buttons together right after the hop step. Watch as your player leaps and slams the ball into the net.



Pro Tips to Remember

While the hop step might sound like a piece of cake, there’s a couple of pro tips you need to keep in your back pocket to make sure you’re the top dog on the court.


  • Timing is Everything: Button mashing ain’t gonna get you far in this game, my friend. If you double tap the X/Square too quickly, your player will end up doing a spin dunk or spin layup instead of a hop step. So, give it a beat after the first tap before pressing it down again.


  • Defense Matters: The hop step can give you an edge, sure, but it’s not some magical move that’ll make you invincible. Good defenders, especially those with high blocking stats, can still swat your shot away. So, mix up your moves and keep ’em guessing!


In the end, dominating the court in NBA 2K24 with the hop step takes a bit of practice, finesse, and a whole lot of timing. Remember, not every play calls for a hop step – you gotta read the court and play smart. So keep grinding, and before long, you’ll be the one schooling others with the hop step.


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