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NBA 2K24: How to Fake Pass


Yo, hoop heads! Grab your sticks because today we’re breaking down one of the slickest moves in the NBA 2K24 playbook – the legendary Fake Pass. It’s not just about holding down a couple of buttons; it’s about hoop IQ, finesse, and keeping your opponents on their toes.



The Fake Pass: The What

So, what’s the Fake Pass? It’s all about putting on a show, making the defense think you’re about to dish the ball off to your bro, but – boom – you keep it. You’re essentially playing 4D chess on the court, outsmarting your defender, and creating open lanes for yourself. This move has been made iconic by hoopers like LeBron and CP3, dudes who’ve made a career outta making defenders look lost.



Finger Gymnastics

Next up, let’s break down the button bash. Depending on what console you’re rocking, here’s the key combo:


  • PS4 & PS5: Hit Triangle + Circle like they owe you money.


  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S: Mash Y + B together like you’re trying to break the controller.


  • Nintendo Switch: Hit X + A simultaneously, no second-guessing.



Timing is Key

Now, it’s not just about knowing the buttons, you gotta know when to hit ’em. The key to a slick Fake Pass is timing. Best times to pull off this move? When you’re stationary or when you’re charging towards the hoop.



Selling Your Move

The magic of the Fake Pass is in the sell. Make your defender believe you’re about to pass. Hit them with a pump fake or a jab step, get them to commit, then yank the rug out from under ’em.



Take Advantage

So, you’ve sold your Fake Pass, and now you’ve got some breathing room. Here’s where you capitalize. Drive in for a layup, or dish it to a teammate who’s cutting to the rim. Either way, you’ve just scored.



Extra Sauce: Tips and Tricks

Keep it Spicy: If you’re always busting out the Fake Pass, your defender will clock it. Switch it up, keep ’em guessing.


Practice Makes Perfect: Hit the practice modes or scrimmages to get your Fake Pass down.


Keep an Eye on the D: Watch how your defender reacts to your moves. This will give you the down-low on when to bust out a Fake Pass.


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