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NBA 2K24: How to Get Open Off the Ball


Yo, first things first, let’s break down what this “OffBall Get Open” move is all about. In the real NBA and in NBA 2K24, getting open off the ball means finding space on the court away from defenders so you can catch a pass, make a shot, or drive to the hoop. It’s all about losin’ your defender and being ready to make a play.



Juke Move

Hold R2 (or RB on Xbox) and move the left stick (l-stick) in any direction.


Release the l-stick in the opposite direction you want to go, faking one way and moving the other.


Follow through by either rolling to the cup for a layup or pulling up for a shot, depending on the situation.



Spin Move

Hold R2 (or RB on Xbox) and rotate the right stick either clockwise or counterclockwise.


Complete the spin by releasing it at the right moment.


Decide your next move—continue to the hoop or pull up for a jumper.



Pro Tips

Keep ’em Guessing All Day Long & Mix It Up

Think of James Harden’s nasty crossover into a step-back three. In 2K24, you can juke one way, spin the other, pull up for a J, or keep on driving. It’s all about layering these moves together to create your own highlight reel.


Example Combo: Start with a spin, juke left, then drive to the right for a dunk. Or hit ’em with a juke, fake a shot, then hit another spin and pull up for a mid-range.



Find Your Style

You gotta put in the practice to find what flows for you. Maybe it’s a triple juke into a floater like Kyrie, or perhaps it’s a spin into a fadeaway like Kobe…


Work In The Lab: Experiment with combinations. Use the practice mode to figure out your own signature style, just like how AI had his killer crossover.



Know Your Squad

In 2K24, each baller comes with their unique skill sets. Want to shoot like Steph? He’s got that deep three on lock. Want to power through the paint like Shaq? You can do that too.


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