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How to Intentionally Foul in NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K24 takes the exhilaration of the court and brings it right to your console, offering a thrilling gaming experience. Understanding the strategy behind intentional fouls is a critical aspect of the game that can give you the upper hand. If you’ve been wondering how to use intentional fouls in your game plan or why they even exist, this guide is for you.



Understanding the Intentional Foul

So, you might be scratching your head, thinking, “Why would I want to foul someone on purpose?” It’s a fair question. In the world of basketball, the intentional foul isn’t about playing dirty; it’s all about strategy.


Intentional fouls are a tactical move to give your team more chances at free throws during the bonus period of the game. It’s like a hidden trick up your sleeve. First, you bait the defense into fouls they can’t avoid. Then, you score some extra free throws when the foul limit is breached.


Plus, intentional fouls can stretch out the game when you need it. If you’re trailing and need some extra minutes to turn the tide, or you’re angling for a rebound during the two free throws that come after a foul, intentional fouling can be your secret weapon.



Making Intentional Fouls in NBA 2K24

Now, let’s get down to the how-to part of intentional fouls in NBA 2K24. The controls might differ slightly depending on your gaming platform:



Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S:

  • Individual Foul: To commit an intentional foul, get close to the opponent player with the ball and hold the ‘X‘ button. Your player will attempt to steal, which often results in a foul.


  • Team Foul: If you want the whole team to get in on this tactic, press the ‘View‘ button. This signals your team to start fouling, disrupting the game’s flow and potentially giving you an edge.



PS4 & PS5:

  • Individual Foul: Approach the player who has the ball and hold the ‘Square‘ button. This triggers a steal attempt that ends up as a foul.


  • Team Foul: Tap the ‘Touchpad‘ to instruct your team to commit fouls. This stops the game and might just give you the strategic upper hand.


In a nutshell, intentional fouls can be a key strategy in the high-stakes world of NBA 2K24. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll find yourself controlling the game pace, making strategic shifts on the fly, and flipping the game in your favor.


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