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NBA 2K24: How to Edit a Player

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Yo ballers, what’s good? So you copped NBA 2K24 and you’re itching to dominate, but wait a sec – is your player looking fresh? If not, don’t trip. I’m about to walk you through the ins and outs of getting your player to look straight fire.



Why Can’t I Change My Height, Bruh?

First things first, for those of y’all who jumped the gun and rushed through creating your MyPLAYER: You can’t change stuff like height, weight, wingspan, or position after you finalize your build. That’s set in stone. But chill, you can still flex with your player name, jersey number, and swap out those badges.



Lemme Fix My Face!

  • Head Over to MyCAREER > MyPLAYER. This is the spot to be.


  • Hit up “Appearance”. Here’s where the magic happens.


Clothes: From hoodies to fresh kicks, get drippy here.


Banners: Choose which banner you wanna flex with.


Appearance: Time to look sharp. Get that fresh cut or change up those facial features. Don’t forget you can also load up your own face scan. If you’re new to that, hit up the face scan tutorial. There’s no shame in wanting your virtual self to look as fly as you do IRL.


Equipment: Looking to ride around with some swag? Get your skateboard, bike, and all that good stuff here.



I Need New Badges, Fam!

  • Slide into MyCAREER > Progression.


  • Here you can switch up your “Attributes” or “Badges”. Ball out and customize how you want.



Animations: “I Wanna Dance After I Dunk!”

  • MyCAREER > MyPLAYER > “Animations” is where you wanna head.


  • Check out “Gameplay Animations”. Here you can flex with Scoring Moves, Playmaking Moves, and celebrate like a boss with In-Game Celebrations.


  • Feeling extra? Dive into Showoff Animations, Runaway Animations, and don’t forget about the Jump Shot and Dunk Creator.



How Do I Edit an NBA/WNBA Player?”

  • From the home screen, choose “Features”.


  • Dive into “Create Roster” and pick your Roster League Type.


  • Under “Roster Picker”, lock in the roster you’re lookin’ to edit.


  • Once you’re in, find your player, tap A (Xbox) / X (Playstation), and choose “Edit Player”. It’s that easy.



MyNBA Mode

  • Start from the MyNBA menu and go to “Front Office”.


  • Tap on “Roster”.


  • Pick your player, hit that A (Xbox) / X (Playstation) button, and then select “Edit Player”.


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