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NBA 2K24 MyNBA: How to Use Player Mentorship

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Yo, ballers! If you’re here, it’s probably ‘cause you’re trying to figure out how to take your MyNBA game to the next level using that slick Player Mentorship feature in NBA 2K24. No worries, fam—I got you!



Finding Player Mentorship

First things first. Before you can ball out with this feature, you gotta know where to find it. Boot up MyNBA, and look under that Training tab – there’s that Player Mentorship option. And for our little walkthrough? We rockin’ with the Bronx Sixers.



Know Your Interface

NBA 2K24 MyNBA: How to Use Player Mentorship


Here’s the lowdown:


  • Mentor Side (Right Side): This is where the OG, the teacher, the guru, sits. This player is gonna be dropping knowledge (and badges) to the young blood on the left.


  • Mentee Side (Left Side): Peep that graph. It’s showing you the glow-up journey. When’s your boy getting that Bronze? For our man Tyrese Maxey, he’s looking at March. Those yellow dots? That’s the badge bling you’re aiming for.



Sharing the Wealth (Badge Transfer)

Mentoring ain’t just about the pep talks; it’s about passing down those shiny badges. So here’s the tea:


  • Badge Givers: Players like Embiid or Danny Green can hand over their badge legacy. Choose wisely!


  • Tip: Ballers with a similar vibe (position, playstyle) can boost up your mentee real good. Think of pairing up someone like James Harden with Tyrese Maxey. Why? ‘Cause Harden can bless Maxi with that ‘Fearless finisher’ badge in gold. Dope, right?



Badge Development 101

Mentoring is all about the growth, fam. By selecting the right big bro (or sis) for your player:


  • Badges Grow Over Time: Keep your eyes glued to that graph. It’s gonna show you the badge evolution.


  • Level Up: The bigger the badge from the mentor, the faster the grind for the mentee. So, if you’ve got someone decked out in badges, they can supercharge the mentee’s badge game.



Simulate and Dominate

Set it, forget it and let the magic happen. Once you’ve laid down the mentorship tracks, hit that simulate button for the season. Sit back, and watch your mentee get those badges. It’s like watching your kid grow up but in the NBA…


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