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NBA 2K24 MyNBA: Staff Badges and Attributes


If you’re diving into NBA 2K24’s MyNBA mode, you gotta know the game has leveled up when it comes to managing your staff. No longer are you just eyeballing player stats; now you gotta look at those sideline legends and back-office ballers.



Staff Attributes:

  • Analytics: Got those number-crunchers who can spot a trend a mile away.


  • Basketball IQ: This ain’t just about knowing how to shoot hoops. It’s for peeps who know the ins & outs of the game.


  • Money Sense: The ones that keep your team ballin’ without breakin’ the bank.


  • Charisma: Got that vibe to gas up the squad. Boosts trust and keeps spirits high.


  • Defensive Coaching: Straight up, if defense wins championships, you need a coach that’s lit here.


  • Influence: The big dogs. When they speak, everyone listens.


  • Organizing: The MVPs behind the scenes. Makes sure the machine runs smooth.


  • Sports Medicine: Keeps the crew in tip-top shape, making sure no one’s riding the bench with injuries.



Staff Badges:


  • Short-Timer: A bit of a nomad; ain’t sticking around for long.


  • Experimenter: Goes rogue with recovery methods; might have your players out longer.


  • Relentless: No chill, burns players out in training.


  • Sponge: This one’s on a fast track; picking up info real quick.


  • Single Minded: All eyes on the prize, chasing that dream job.


  • Clout: Big name, big game. Everybody wants ’em.


  • Tough Love: Not sugarcoating it, but damn they get results, even if the mood gets icy.


  • Opportunist: Climbing that ladder any chance they get.


  • Brat Pack: All about the young guns, vets are taking a backseat.


  • Package Deal: Has a BFF and they’re a package.




  • Tactician: Boosts players’ game IQ by +5 during clutch moments, making your squad sharper in the 4th.


  • Coaching Legend: Adds a solid +10 to team attractiveness for free agents; everybody wants to play for a legend.


  • Former Player: Morale dips are cut in half, cause they get that OG respect.


  • Teacher: Makes your young guns learn quick. Speeds up Signature Skill acquisition by 20%.


  • Clutch: In do-or-die moments, your team’s overall stats get a bump of +5.


  • Rejuvenator: Older heads on your team get a stat boost of +2, making them feel a few years younger.


  • Competitor: Hate losing? So does this coach. -10 to team morale after an L.


  • Shot Doctor: Shooting stats go up by +3, turning bricks into buckets.


  • Guard Guru: Guards get a +4 in ball handling and passing.


  • Wing Whisperer: Wing players get a +5 to driving and finishing.


  • Big Man Coach: Teaches bigs how to dominate with a +3 in post moves.


  • Post D Master: Boosts your team’s interior D by +4.


  • Perimeter D Master: Lockdown on the outside with a +4 to perimeter defense.


  • Our House: Team gets hype at home, especially against rivals, boosting overall morale by 15%.


  • Mentor: Young players develop 20% faster under this guru.


  • Underdog Advocate: Gives those undrafted guys a +3 boost in potential.


  • Short Leash: Young players get a -2 penalty to morale after mistakes.


  • Mind Games: Boosts team morale by 20% after pep talks.


  • Zen Master: Reduces team fatigue by 15% with those chill vibes.


  • Soft Touch: Uses positive vibes to boost team morale by +10.




  • Bloodhound: +20% chance of discovering a hidden gem.


  • Sleuth: Quickly weeds out the busts, increasing efficiency by 15%.


  • Dedicated: Can scout 5 more players than average Joes every period.


  • Lazy: -5 scouting reports per period cause of the slack.


  • Careless: Scouting reports are 10% less reliable. Gotta double-check!


  • Domestic Scout: +15% accuracy when scouting local prospects.


  • Foreign Scout: Knows global hoops. +15% accuracy for international talent.


  • Connoisseur: Identifies top draft prospects 20% faster.


  • Spelunker: +25% chance of finding a steal in the late rounds.


  • Calculator: Uses stats to boost scouting efficiency by 15%.


  • Eye Test: Relies on the good ol’ eye, getting 10% more insight from watching games.



Sports Medicine:

  • Strength Trainer: Boosts player strength and vertical by +5.


  • Stamina Trainer: Adds +10 stamina, so they’re still fresh in the 4th.


  • Sports Psych: Elevates player morale and chemistry by +10.


  • Sports Science: Reduces injury risk by a solid 20%.


  • Physio: Rehab time cut by 20% for the injured.


  • Sleep Doctor: Boosts fatigue recovery by 15%. No more late-night TikTok!


  • Med-Head: Identifies medical issues 20% quicker.


  • Upper Body Specialist: Speeds up recovery from upper body injuries by 15%.


  • Lower Body Specialist: Those legs heal 15% faster after injuries.



Front Office:

  • Loose Lips: +20% chance of media catching wind of internal stuff.


  • Former GM: Get a +15% boost in trade success. Respect matters.


  • Wingman: Boss’s fave. 10% reduced penalty even when things ain’t rosy.


  • Recruiter: Players are 20% more interested in joining, thanks to the silver tongue.


  • Snake: Watch out! They’ll skip on task reminders to see you slip.


  • Economical: Cuts game day expenses by 5%. Budget baller!


  • Promoter: Uses connections to slash promotional costs by 10%.


  • Introvert: Merch is pricey by 10% ’cause they don’t network.


  • Bully: Staff trust dips by 10 for each member cause of their attitude.


  • Financial Advisor: Rakes in 20% more dough without increasing costs.


  • Gambler: Always swinging big. Trades and acquisitions are 20% riskier.


  • Passive: 15% less likely to shake things up in the roster.


  • Grizzled: Prioritizes old heads, giving a 10% boost to veteran minutes.


  • Big 3 Or Bust: Star-focused, risking bench depth and paying 15% more in luxury taxes.


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