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NBA 2K24: Best SHOOTING Badges

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Hey, hoop heads!! What’s poppin’? Y’all here ’cause you wanna know how to drain threes like Curry, hit mid-range jumpers like KD, or just wanna get those Ws in NBA 2K24, right? Well, you’re in luck, ’cause today we’re gonna dive deep into the best shooting badges in NBA 2K24’s MyCAREER mode.



A New Era of Shooting Badges

First off, the game devs axed some of the oldies like Clutch Shooter, Amped, and Volume Shooter. But don’t trip, they got 12 fresh badges, making it a solid 25 shooting badges to mess around with. Let’s break ’em down:



The Full Breakdown: Every Shooting Badge in NBA 2K24

  • Agent 3: If you fancy those Steph Curry vibes, this badge will help you drain those pull-up treys all day.


  • Blinders: When that defender’s all up in your grill but only from the side? No sweat, this badge reduces the distraction.


  • Catch and Shoot: Quick pass, quick shot. Like Klay, catch the rock and let it fly with a power-up.


  • Claymore: This one’s for the snipers who take their time to set their feet and knock down those perimeter shots…


  • Comeback Kid: Down in the dumps with the scoreboard? This badge gives you that fire to shoot like there’s no tomorrow.


  • Corner Specialist: Baseline bombers, rejoice! Boost your corner threes and be the unsung hero.


  • Deadeye: Got a pesky defender with the closeouts? Tell them to sit down – you’re still taking that shot.


  • Free Points: When it’s crunch time and you’re at the stripe, this badge makes sure you ice those freebies.


  • Green Machine: Light it up back-to-back and watch your player go Super Saiyan with this badge.


  • Guard Up: When your defender’s sleeping? Make them pay with this beauty.


  • Limitless Range: Wanna be like Dame? Pull up from the logo and watch the net swish.


  • Middy Magician: For the artists of the mid-range game. Keep ’em guessing and drop those buckets.


  • Open Looks: Give your player some space, and this badge ensures the ball’s hittin’ nothing but net.


  • Post Fade Phenom: Fadeaways in the post? You’re basically the next Dirk with this badge on.


  • Slippery Off-Ball: Move like you’re gliding on ice, shake off defenders, and get that open look.


  • Space Creator: Break ankles, create space, and make ’em look silly while you drain that shot.


  • Spot Finder: You’re the dude who always seems to be wide open. Make sure those open shots count with this badge.



The Cream of the Crop: Top Shooting Badges

Now that we’re familiar with the options, let’s talk about the GOAT shooting badges you NEED to have:


  • Green Machine: This one’s a no-brainer. If you wanna be consistent, start greening your shots with this.


  • Space Creator: Wanna shake your defender like Harden? Get those step-backs and create that much-needed space for a clean shot.


  • Deadeye: Those pesky defenders won’t know what hit ‘em. This badge lets you shoot in their grill like it’s no big deal.


  • Middy Magician: If you wanna dominate from mid-range like DeRozan, you better pick this one up, fam.


  • Spot Finder: Be that guy who’s always in the right place at the right time. Catch, shoot, and let it rain.


  • Hook Specialist: Get in the paint and hit those Kareem skyhooks. Don’t sleep on the low post game.


  • Bulldozer: For those big-bodied shooters who like to get physical, this badge will let you bulldoze your way to open shots.


  • Whistle: Keep the refs on your side. Drawing fouls while shooting can be just as deadly as knocking down a three.


Aight, heads up: Don’t just grab badges ’cause they’re hyped up. How you ball out on the court is key. So whether you’re droppin’ threes like Curry, dishing dimes, or mixing it up, make sure those badges vibe with your flow on the floor…


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