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How to Do a Flashy Pass in NBA 2K24

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What Exactly is a Flashy Pass?

A flashy pass in NBA 2K24 is kinda like the main event at a basketball bash. It ain’t just about gettin’ the ball from Point A to Point B, but doing it with some style that has the other team going, “Wait, did that just go down?”



How to Do a Flashy Pass in NBA 2K24

Want to add some excitement to your game with flashy passes? Here’s the breakdown:


Double Tap: Pick up your controller and give the Circle button a double press (if you’re on PlayStation) or hit the B button twice (for Xbox players). Just like that, you can make flashy passes.


Aim & Fire: Use the Left Stick to select your intended receiver, line it up perfectly, and let the ball do its magic!


Remember, a flashy pass isn’t your typical pass. It’s loaded with flair and can leave the opposing team scrambling.



When’s the Time for a Flashy Pass?

Flashy passes are fun, but they’re not an all-purpose tool:


Keep it Close: These passes come with some extra zing and can be hard to catch, so they’re best used when your teammate is nearby.


Be Ready: Flashy passes are more complex than the usual ones, so your team needs to be prepared to catch them. If not, you might end up turning over the ball.



Boost Your Flashy Passes

If you want to add some extra pizzazz to your flashy passes, get the Special Delivery badge. This cool perk increases your teammate’s shot chance after they receive your flashy pass. It’s a great way to throw off the other team’s defense.


To truly rock the flashy pass in NBA 2K24, you gotta know when and how to use it. It can throw your opponents off big time, and with the Special Delivery badge, it can seriously juice up your team’s offense. But remember, it ain’t always the play, especially for long passes, or situations when your teammates ain’t ready. Practice is king, so get out there and start flashin’.


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