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NBA 2K24 – How to Skip Pass

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Alright, hoop heads, let’s dive deep into the killer technique known as the skip pass in NBA 2K24. This ain’t your typical toss and score. Nah, picture it more like a Hail Mary that can flip the script in a split second.




First off, get it straight. The skip pass isn’t just some filler move, it’s your ace in the hole. It’s the surprise play you bust out when the pressure’s high.



Gettin’ Down to It

How do you pull off this power move in NBA 2K24? It’s straightforward, really. Hold down the pass button – A for you Xbox jockeys, or X for the PlayStation squad. While holding it, nudge your left stick towards the player you’re aiming for. This ain’t no short toss. We’re talking launching the rock to your dude on the other end of the court. The skip pass ain’t for the weak, it’s for those who take risks.



The Real Deal

Hold up, don’t go off half-cocked. There’s more nuance to the skip pass than you might think. Its charm lies in its ease. You don’t have to mess around with fancy icons or perfect timing. Just keep that pass button pressed, guide that left stick, and boom!



Customize Your Style

If the skip pass ain’t your thing, you can turn it off. Just head over to Features > Options > Controller Settings > Skip Pass > Disable. No point in hanging onto a move you ain’t gonna use, right?



Eyes on the Prize

The skip pass isn’t a cure-all. It’s one part of the game along with shooting, dribbling, and decoy passes. You’ve gotta be the maestro on the court, orchestrating the perfect play with the skills you’ve got.


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