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NBA 2K24: How to Do a Dribble Handoff Pass

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NBA 2K24, the holy grail of hoop gaming, is all about blending the slick realism of basketball with our gaming smarts. One of the game’s killer moves you need to get down is the dribble handoff pass. So, let’s cut to the chase and see how this move can have you schooling your virtual rivals in no time.



The How-To: Dribble Handoff Pass

Here’s your step-by-step on making this play:


  • You’re on the move, ball in hand. Now, your left stick (or control stick) comes into play.


  • With the stick, you’re going to aim at your teammate—the one you’re passing the ball to.


  • Next, it’s time to hold down either the Circle button (for the PlayStation fam) or the B button (shout-out to our Xbox peeps).


  • Boom! You’ve just executed a dribble handoff pass. Your player hands off the ball mid-dribble, setting your teammate up for the next move.



Why the Dribble Handoff Pass Rocks

If you’re wondering why this move should be in your playbook, check out a few reasons why it’s a real game-changer:


  • Keeping It Fresh: The dribble handoff pass adds a fresh layer of unpredictability to your game. You’re handing off the rock while on the move, leaving defenders scrambling to keep up.


  • Breaking Down Defenses: This move is a legit way to bust up any defense trying to deny the ball. The quick switch from dribbling to passing leaves defenders little time to react and mess up your play.


  • Making Space: Even if your teammate isn’t perfectly positioned, this move can still make waves. You’re creating a mini traffic jam for the defenders, leaving your teammate with a clear path to the hoop.


  • Screening: After the handoff, the ball-handler can drop a body-block or screen on the defender, giving your teammate even more protection from any interference.


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