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NBA 2K24 – How to Change Quarter Length


NBA 2K24 isn’t just any old basketball game. It’s a slam dunk for basketball fanatics. It’s not only about the eye-popping graphics or heart-thumping gameplay. The true star of the show is the level of customization it offers, and a prime example is the ability to modify the length of your quarters. This small adjustment can have a major impact on your gameplay. So, let’s shoot the breeze on how to do it.



How to Change Quarter Length in NBA 2K24

  • When you fire up NBA 2K24, you land on the main menu. Think of this as the control room of your game. There’s an option named ‘Features.’ Doesn’t sound like much, but under its hood, it’s packed with customizable settings that can make the game tailor-fit for you.


  • Under ‘Features,’ there’s a heap of choices. But we’re gonna zero in on ‘Settings,’ which is nestled in the ‘Options’ category.


  • When you pop into ‘Settings,’ look for ‘Quarter Length.’ This is where you put your personal spin on the game. Grab your controller, work the D-pad or the Left Stick, and there you go! You can set your quarter length anywhere from a quick one-minute sprint to a 12-minute marathon.


  • Next, you might be wondering, “What’s the golden quarter length?” That’s like asking someone their favorite burger joint—it’s all personal preference. A good chunk of players like 8-9 minute quarters. It gives enough time to strut your stuff without the game dragging on forever. If you’re the type who likes to plot your next move, like a chess player, you might prefer a full 12-minute quarter. On the flip side, if you’re more about quick matches or grinding for badges, a swift 5-minute quarter might just hit the spot.


  • Remember, opting for longer quarters isn’t just about burning more minutes. It’s a golden opportunity to read your opponents’ game plan, manage your team, and get into the swing of the game. So, don’t be afraid to tinker with quarter lengths in NBA 2K24. You might just discover a winning strategy that dramatically enhances your gameplay. Time to hit the hardwood!


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