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How to Double Team in NBA 2K24

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In the thrilling arena of hoops, a “double team” is a powerful defensive strategy that’s all about clamping down on the player with the ball. The concept is that two defenders converge on the ball handler at once, ramping up the heat and disrupting their flow. The double team can seriously hinder their chances to make a play, whether that’s a shot, pass, or drive to the rim.


Scoping the Situation: Before you consider double-teaming, you gotta scope the situation on the court. You don’t want to double team just any player. Save this power move for when a major threat has the ball – we’re talking the hot hand, a player on a scoring spree, or someone looking to make a play close to the basket or out from the perimeter.


Nailing the Timing: You’ve got the freedom to initiate a double team anytime during defense in NBA 2K24, but if you want to maximize its impact, timing is crucial. Try to catch the offensive player just as they’ve started or finished their dribble. That’s the golden moment when they’re most vulnerable, and the sudden pressure from a double team can force them to fumble.


Positioning the Squad: To execute the double team, you and your teammate need to stand side by side, forming a human barricade, preventing the ball handler from easily dribbling away or making a clean pass.



Calling the Double Team in NBA 2K24:

Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S:

On defense, hold down the LB button on your controller. If none of your teammates come over, hit LB again. Pop-up icons will appear over your players. Press the icon of the player you want to join you in the double team. Now you’re set.



PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5:

When you’re playing defense, hold down the L1 button. If your teammates aren’t reacting, hit L1 again. Just like on the Xbox, icons will pop up over your players. Press the icon of the teammate you want to assist with the double team. You’re all set.


Remember, a double team can be a game changer, but it can also leave an opponent open, so use it wisely. And keep that team chemistry up – it’ll make your double team maneuvers more effective as your squad will be better at anticipating your moves.


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