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NBA 2K24: How to See & Get Hot Zones

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Alright fam, you’re trying to step up your game in NBA 2K24, huh? And you’ve heard the buzz about these “Hot Zones”, right? Say less! We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive deep into the realm of Hot Zones, how you can find ’em, get ’em, and ball out like the GOAT you are.



What’s the Whole Deal with Hot Zones?

First things first, let’s break it down. Hot Zones ain’t just a fancy term to throw around to sound like you know your stuff. Nah, they’re real, and they’re super crucial to dominating on the court.


Hot Zones are those sweet spots on the court where your MyPLAYER just can’t seem to miss. It’s like that favorite corner in the local court where you always make those shots – pure magic! When you’re in your Hot Zone in the game, you’re given a lil’ boost to your shooting attributes, about 5%. And trust me, in tight games, that 5% can be a game-changer.


On the flip side, you’ve got the Cold Zones. These are the no-go areas, the zones where you’re likely to brick your shots. It’s like that part of the court with the wonky hoop where the ball just won’t go in.


And for the spots where you ain’t hot or cold, they’re called Neutral Zones. It’s just… neutral.


Colors for quick peep:


  • Red = You’re blazing hot!


  • Blue = Cold as ice


  • Gray = Meh, Neutral


Hot Spots in NBA 2K24



So How Do I Check My Zones?

Alright, bro, follow the steps:



Method 1:

  • Boot up that ‘MyCAREER’ menu.


  • Slide over to the ‘Stats’ 2K Card.


  • Give that ‘Right Stick’ a quick click on your MyPLAYER.


  • Now, flip with RT or LT (for my PlayStation peeps, that’s R2/L2) until you stumble on the ‘Hot Zones’ section.



Method 2:

(For those wandering around in the City)


  • While chillin’ in the City, press Dpad Left to hit up the ‘Squad Up’ section.


  • Spotlight your MyPLAYER, click on ‘View 2K Card’.


  • Same deal, toggle with RT or LT (or R2/L2) to find the ‘Hot Zones’.



Getting Those Red Zones!

Here’s the secret sauce to getting those fiery Red Zones:


Hot Zones are influenced in the MyPLAYER user-controlled game modes, like Rec, Pro-Am, MyCAREER, and hanging out in the Park/City.


To snag a Hot Zone:


  • Paint: Make sure you’re sinking 60% of those.


  • Close Shot: Be hitting 55%.


  • Mid-Range: You want at least a 50% success rate.


  • 3PT: Aim for 40%.


You gotta look at your last 25-50 games (MyCAREER, Park, Rec, Pro-AM), and ensure you’ve taken at least 10 shots in each area.


For the Cold Zones? Either keep practicing in those court areas, improve your percentages, or just wait out 25-50 games and lay low from shooting in that zone.


Remember, even if you’ve got mad skills and high attributes, it doesn’t mean you can splash from every zone. Always know your player’s Hot Zones and don’t risk too much from the Cold Zones.


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