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How to Do a Fantasy Draft in NBA 2K24 MyLeague

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Yo, hoop heads! Ever dreamed of putting together a squad that’ll make NBA legends look like JV ballers? Well, get ready to flex those GM muscles ’cause NBA 2K24’s MyLeague mode’s got your back with its Fantasy Draft feature.


Think of the Fantasy Draft as the ultimate NBA mash-up. It’s like taking the entire league’s roster, throwing it in a blender, and you’re in control of the mix. You’re not just picking from current players. Nah, you’re drafting from a pool that’s swimming with both present-day ballers and blasts from the past. Imagine the Round Mound of Rebound, Sir Charles himself, battling it out in the paint with Giannis. Or Magic dishing out no-look passes to KD.



Building a Dream Team in NBA 2K24 MyLeague (Steps)

Aight folks, now let’s get into the nitty-gritty, the brass tacks, the meat and potatoes of doing a Fantasy Draft in NBA 2K24 MyLeague.



Setting It Up

First things first, crack open that NBA 2K24 and slide on over to the ‘MyLeague‘ mode. Gonna have to punch in a new save slot if you’re fresh to the game or just feel like getting a new start.



Choosing Your League

Next up, you gotta pick your league. This ain’t just some pick-up game at the park. You’re going for the big leagues. Current NBA teams, league expansion, or a custom league – it’s all up to you.



Into the Breach

You’ve made your pick, now it’s time to kick things off. Jump into the regular season and hit up those ‘Setup Options‘. This is your control hub, your command center, the cockpit of your plane. Fiddle with everything from season length to quarter duration.



Control Is Key

Once you’ve activated the ‘Fantasy Draft‘, you’ll see a bunch of new settings. The ‘Draft Order‘ lets you decide the pecking order. ‘Draft Type‘ gives you the power to choose between a fixed order or a serpentine one. You’re the boss here, don’t be afraid to wield that power.



Dive Into the Pool

The ‘Player Pool‘ is where the magic happens. You can decide who’s gonna play in your little fantasy world. Feel like sticking to the current roster? Cool beans. Want to shake things up with some classic ballers? Go for it. You can even mix all the teams if you’re feeling brave.



Seeing Double

Feeling a little daring? Then switch on the ‘Allow Duplicates‘ option. This is where the game gets all sorts of crazy. Imagine a young MJ straight outta college or a prime-time MJ going head-to-head. It’s like stepping into some alternate universe, but it’s a blast, I promise.



Go Time

Aight, fam, let’s get this show on the road. We’ve gone through the motions, laid out the groundwork, and now, it’s go-time. It’s time to dig into the meat of this guide, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the actual drafting in NBA 2K24 MyLeague. Got your game face on? Sweet. With a solid game plan and some wise picks, you’re gonna be frying up a feast, serving a dream team for dinner.



A Lil’ Extra: Quick Tips

Before you dive in, though, let me lace you up with some insider knowledge to help you ball out like a pro:


Keep It Balanced: Don’t blow all your cheddar on one superstar. The game ain’t won by one player – it’s about that sweet, sweet balance, homie.


Big Names, Big Game? Not Always: Yeah, those well-known players might seem like a sure bet, but don’t let the hype fool ya. There’s a sea of hidden gems in there, ballers who can bring serious game to your squad.


The Backbone: The first few rounds? Yeah, they’re crucial. These dudes will be the backbone of your team. Pick ’em wisely.


Underdogs Matter: Don’t turn a blind eye to the later rounds. They might not be all glitz and glam, but these players are the glue that holds your team together. They’re as vital as the big shots.


Do Your Due Diligence: Don’t slack on your homework. Look up each player’s stats, badges, age and all that jazz. Information is power, yo.


Keep ‘Em Peepers Open: Watch the other teams like a hawk. Knowing their moves can give you the upper hand when strategizing.


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