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How to Do a Putback Dunk in NBA 2K24

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A putback dunk is a high-flying, high-reward play that needs your timing and precision to be on point. To pull it off, you’ve gotta sync up with a teammate’s missed shot. The second the ball is heading towards the basket, that’s your signal to get to work. Make a beeline for the paint, slam down the R2/RT, and tap the Square or X to shoot. Nail it, and you’ll get the sweet treat of a putback dunk animation.



Boost Your Game with Badges

Having the right badges can seriously up your putback dunk game. Two badges are super important here:


Aerial Wizard: This badge seriously ups your putback and alley-oop game, prepping you for some jaw-dropping plays.


Putback Boss: This badge is your go-to for bumping up your putback shot percentage after an offensive rebound.



Get Your Timing and Positioning On Point

With your badges strapped, it’s time to work on timing and positioning. You gotta find an open lane for those putbacks. It’s all about dodging your rivals and steering clear of contact. See a hole in the defense? Exploit it, and get ready to show off.



Nailing the Putback Dunk

The secret sauce to a putback dunk is all in the timing. Your moment of glory comes just as or just before the ball smacks the rim. Keep the turbo pressed and hit the shot button to pull off your putback. It might take a few tries, but get this right and your putback dunks will be a sight to see.



Sharpening Your Strategy

While it might be tempting to fully juice your Aerial Wizard badge, don’t. You don’t need to go all in with a Hall of Fame badge; a bronze one will do the trick. But if you’re hungry for a bit more edge, silver or gold is your ticket.



Stay on Your Toes

While the putback slam is a dope offensive move, you can’t forget about your D. If you’re always chasing the putback, you might be handing over fast breaks and easy buckets to the other team. You gotta keep your game tight, and make sure your squad’s defense isn’t getting wrecked because you’re all about the offense.


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