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NBA 2K24: How to Skill Dunk

NBA 2K24: How to Skill Dunk

Y’all heard about the freshest move they dropped in 2K24? We’re talking about that exclusive-to-2K24 Skill Dunk. If you’re trying to flex on your friends and leave ’em straight up shook, this guide is where it’s at. We ain’t just trying to get buckets here; we’re trying to make highlight reels. So if you wanna break ankles and get those oohs and ahhs, strap in ’cause we’re diving deep…



How to Perform It – Basics

Get That Momentum: Hold down the R2 (RT for Xbox) – that’s your turbo button. We movin’ with purpose here!


Handle The Stick: Flick that right stick up and let it go real quick.


Now, push and hold that same stick down, but ease it back to neutral to time that dunk.



Pro Tips & Things to Keep in Mind

Rhythm is Key

If you’re ballin’ with someone mad athletic, like Kobe, be ready for some fast moves. You gotta be in sync, feel the flow, and ride the wave.



Switchin’ Hands? Watch Out!

Sometimes, outta nowhere, your player’s gonna switch hands on you. It’s like tryna dance and someone suddenly changes the tune. Stay sharp!



That Darn Meter

Look, no one knows why there’s a shot meter for a dunk. It’s kinda like askin’ why pineapple goes on pizza. Some things, we just don’t question.



The Perfect Spot

You know the free-throw line? That’s where you wanna start your magic. It’s like your launchpad.



What the Streets Are Saying…

This move? It’s kinda wild. Some say it’s broken, some say you just gotta get good. One thing’s for sure: it needs mad practice.


Pulling it off depends A LOT on who you’re playin’ as… If you’ve got a player who’s all about that athleticism and speed, it’s gonna be a different ball game than if you’re using someone slower.



Keep At It

This ain’t gonna be second nature right off the bat… You’re probably gonna miss the timing, get frustrated, maybe even wanna throw your controller. But keep grindin’. Once you nail it?? Man, it feels good.


If you ever get lost, head over to the controls section. 2K’s got a breakdown of the move there. And if you’re still strugglin’? No shame in hittin’ up YouTube for some visual aids.


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