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NBA 2K24: How to Unlock Shirtless + Rebirth 2.0


What’s Rebirth and Why You Want It

So first thing’s first, what the heck is Rebirth? If you’re new to the NBA 2K scene, Rebirth basically lets you create a brand-new build with some sick advantages like preloaded silver badges and progression boosts. Basically, it’s like the game saying, “Aye, you’ve been grinding, so here’s a lil’ something to get your new build off to a flying start.” Trust, you’re gonna wanna unlock this feature.



Hitting that 90 Overall for Regular Rebirth

To get this ball rolling, you gotta hit a 90 overall rating first. No shortcuts here, fam. You need to be hoopin’, winning, and showing off those mad skills. Once you’ve hit that 90 overall -> you need to go have a little chit-chat with Ronnie 2K; don’t worry; he won’t bite.


Here’s what you get with Rebirth at 90 overall:


  • Silver Badges: These come automatically on your new build, so you don’t have to sweat to get ’em.


  • 5 Progression Boost: You know those grueling progression points you gotta earn? You get a small boost in those, so leveling up ain’t such a slog.



Upgrading to Veteran 2 for Rebirth 2.0

But yo, don’t settle for just regular Rebirth. You want to ball out, right? Then aim for Veteran 2 status. Once you’re there, you unlock Rebirth 2.0, which is like Rebirth on steroids.


Here’s the lowdown:


  • 99 Overall Build: Yeah, you heard that right. You can start a build at 99 overall!


  • Silver Badges, Again: Silver badges, but this time you’re starting on a 99 build.


  • 10 Badge Progression Boost: You thought 5 was sweet? Try doubling it!!



Stripping Down: How to Go Shirtless at Rookie 3

Alright, enough about Rebirth. Let’s talk about something equally important: showing off those abs by going shirtless. To unlock this option, you gotta grind to Rookie 3. It’s not that tough, but it sure as hell makes a statement when you’re out on the court.


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