NBA 2K24: How to Unlock and Equip Floor Setters - MGW

NBA 2K24: How to Unlock and Equip Floor Setters

NBA 2K24: How to Unlock and Equip Floor Setters

What’s a Floor Setter Anyway?

For real, before we start, you gotta know what a Floor Setter is, right? It’s basically a unique badge that gives your player mad skills in setting up teammates for plays. Think of it like being the ultimate playmaker on the hardwood.



Unlocking the Floor Setters: The Grind

MyCareer Route

Rep Up: The easiest way to unlock most of the floor setters is by just grinding out in MyCareer. As you rep up and get those accolades, you’ll unlock different customization options.


Sponsorships and Endorsements: Sign with brands. Not only do you secure the bag, but certain deals come with exclusive floor designs.



MyTeam Route

Card Tiers: Unlocking higher card tiers often gives you access to exclusive Floor Setters. Pulling some Galaxy Opal or Dark Matter cards? Check to see if they come with bonuses.


Challenges: Some weekly and moment challenges give Floor Setters as rewards. Keep an eye out and get grinding!


Tokens: Don’t sleep on the Token Market. Sometimes, 2K drops some Floor Setters in there. Make sure you keep those tokens stacked.



Events & Limited-Time Challenges

2K loves to drop special events like Rival Day or seasonal events. Participate and watch out for exclusive floor setter rewards.



Time to Flex: Equipping Those Floor Setters

MyCourt Customization

  • Navigate to the Neighborhood.


  • Head over to your MyCourt and walk up to the elevator.


  • Choose the “Customize MyCourt” option.


  • In the customization menu, go to “Floor Design”.


  • Here, all your unlocked Floor Setters will pop up. Click on the one you wanna flex with and hit “Equip”.


  • Save changes.



MyTeam Setup

  • In MyTeam, head over to the Team Management.


  • Select “Franchise” and then hit up the “Arena” option.


  • Dive into the “Floor Design” section.


  • Just like in MyCourt, pick your poison, hit equip, and you’re set!



Quick Tips

  • Always keep an eye out for updates, patches or new content drops -> 2K loves to add new stuff on the low.


  • Trade with your homies. Got duplicates or looking for something specific? Hook your squad up or get them to hook you up.


  • If you see limited-time offers in the Store, and you got the VC, don’t hesitate. Some of these are mad rare and won’t come around often.


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