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NBA 2K24: How Do You Do a Standing Dunk

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Hey there, hoopsters! If you’re here, chances are you want to spice up your NBA 2K24 game with some mean standing dunks. This ain’t your ordinary fast break slamma jamma. Standing dunks are all about raw power and domination, just like the big dogs in the NBA, think Shaq in his prime or Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo today. Ready to light up the virtual court with some monster jams? Let’s break it down.



How to Do a Standing Dunk

First off, you gotta understand that a standing dunk isn’t about running full court and blasting off like you’re aiming for the moon. This is about sheer power, a sudden explosive move that comes out of nowhere, right under the basket. It requires a player with a high strength rating. So, choose your player wisely, not every player can pull this off.


Now onto the juicy stuff – executing the move. Let’s take it step by step for our PlayStation and Xbox homies:



PlayStation 4 & 5

  • Roll the ball to your dunk master and, once in a prime position under the hoop, hold L2 to back down your defender—make ’em feel the pressure.


  • When you’re right under the basket and got your opponent a step off, it’s showtime. Let go of L2.


  • Now, real quick, hold down R2 and pull the right stick down. If you timed it right, you’ll see your player rise and slam the ball right in!



Xbox One, Series X, and Series S

  • Start off the same way – get the rock to your player, find your spot under the rim and hold down LT to put the pressure on the D.


  • Once you’ve backed your man off enough, release LT.


  • This is the clutch moment—hold down RT and yank the right stick down. Watch your player take off and cram it!



Pro Tips to Master the Standing Dunk

  • Keep ballin’: Becoming a slam dunk boss ain’t a walk in the park. It’s all about that grind. Hit the hardwood and practice till your thumbs get sore. The more you work on it, the more second nature it becomes.


  • Know your crew: Every baller’s got their own game. Your guy gotta have some serious beef to throw down a standing dunk. Take the time to know your squad’s stats and play to their strengths.


  • Read the room: Dropping a standing dunk isn’t always the move. You gotta read the court, feel the flow of the game, and decide whether it’s time to bring the house down or play it smooth with a jumper.


  • Shake things up: Don’t be that predictable baller who goes for the same move every time. Keep the D on their toes by mixing up your game. Throw in some contact dunks, putback slams, off-hand jams, and when the time is right, drop that standing dunk.


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