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How to Grow Your Fanbase in NBA 2K24 MyCAREER

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Ayo, ballers! Looking to get your name echoing through the arena and turn the MyCAREER mode into the MyLEGEND mode? Say less. Here’s how to get them fans on your side and boost that MyPLAYER brand.



Ball Out Every Game

Stats on Stats: Remember, the bigger the numbers, the more love you get. Put up those points, grab rebounds, dish assists, and let the fans see the future MVP in action.


Highlight Central: Fans in 2K24 live for those “OOOH” moments. Throw down them alley-oops, bust out those break-away dunks, and send defenders sliding with them ankle breakers. Make sure every game has a highlight-worthy moment.


Fan Feedback: After pulling off a mad play, peep the crowd. They’ll show you love, and you’ll see exactly how many new fans you’ve got.



Switch Up Your Game

Variety is the Key: Keep ’em guessing. Don’t just go with the same old moves. Dribble, crossover, spin, and explode past defenders. The more unpredictable you are on the court, the more fans you earn.


Camera’s On You: Every time you pull off a banger of a move, the camera’s gonna pan to the crowd. It’s like a live fan meter. Watch those numbers soar!



Endorsements = Clout + Cash

Remember those big names like Nike, Adidas, and Gatorade? They’re not just brands; they’re tickets to the big leagues.


Big Brands, Big Fans: The more endorsements you get, the more fans you pull. Whether it’s rocking a pair of Jordans or sippin’ on some Gatorade, every brand deal amplifies your status.


Event Appearances: Brands don’t just want you for ads. They want you at events. And guess what? Those events also rack up your fan numbers.


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