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NBA 2K24: Shooting Badge Unlock Levels (Ultimate Guide)

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Hey ballers! Are y’all pumped for NBA 2K24? You should be, especially if you’re ready to light up the scoreboard with some crazy shots… But before you go thinking you’re the next Steph Curry, you gotta get your badge game on point. Badges are what make or break a player in 2K, and in this guide, we’re diving deep into the Shooting Badges you’ll need to rule the court.



The Basics: Why Badges Matter

First things first, let’s talk badges. These are basically your superpowers on the court. Each badge levels up from Bronze to Silver, Gold, and then Hall of Fame (HoF). The higher the level, the better your player performs in that specific area. Get me?



Attribute Points and Height

Two other things you need to know: Attribute Points and Height. Your attribute points need to hit a certain number before you can unlock a badge at its different levels. The height of your player can also influence how effective the badge is.



Agent 3 (Three-Point)

Why You Need It: If you wanna be the Steph Curry of your squad, this badge is non-negotiable. We’re talking about hitting threes from downtown like you’re shooting layups.


Bronze: A three-point attribute of 76? That’s your ticket.


Silver: Level up to 86, and they’ll start to fear you.


Gold: Now you’re really cookin’. You need a 94 three-point rating.


Hall of Fame (HoF): Reach the pinnacle with a 98. Splash.


Height Check: 5’7″ to 6’11”? You’re in the clear.


Ideal for spot-up shooters and secondary ball handlers. If you’re the guy who’s going to pull up without hesitation, get this badge ASAP.




Why You Need It: Forget about those pesky defenders on your side. You got horse blinders on, and all you see is the hoop.




Bronze: Got a 70 in Three-Point? Snag it.


Silver: Up that attribute to 79.


Gold: Now you’re a sniper. Raise that up to 90.


HoF: You’re a legend with a 97.




Bronze: A 70 will do.


Silver: Upgrade to 83.


Gold: 89, fam.


HoF: Reach for the stars with a 97.


Height Check: Anywhere from 5’7″ to 7’3″ — this badge doesn’t discriminate.


Ideal for shot creators and iso players. If you like to create your own shot, you need this in your arsenal.



Catch and Shoot

Why You Need It: If you’re the Klay Thompson type who loves to catch and instantly shoot, this is your bread and butter.




Bronze: Start with a 63.


Silver: Raise that to a 74.


Gold: Hit 85.


HoF: You’re a machine at 95.




Bronze: A 60 will do the job.


Silver: Upgrade to a 70.


Gold: Hit an 82.


HoF: You’re a demigod at 93.


Height Check: Good for those from 5’7″ to a towering 7’3″.


Use this badge if you’re a secondary scorer or a designated spot-up shooter. If your PG is a dime-dropper, you’ll be deadly with this badge.



Claymore (Three-Point)

Why You Need It: This is for those who like a little boom in their shot. You’re the player everyone wants to avoid when you’re heating up.


Bronze: A humble 60 three-point rating.


Silver: Upgrade to 70.


Gold: Get up to an 82.


HoF: Masterclass at 92.


Height Check: Roll with anyone from 5’7″ to 7’3″.


A hidden gem for clutch players. Ideal if you’re the X-factor of your team and like to pull up from anywhere.



Comeback Kid

Why You Need It: Had a bad first half? This is for those who can turn the game around after halftime. You ain’t out ’til you’re out.




Bronze: Get a 56 in that three-point rating.


Silver: Bump it up to 68.


Gold: A cool 79.


HoF: Elite moves at 89.




Bronze: 53 to start.


Silver: Get that mid-range to 64.


Gold: 75? Solid.


HoF: Ball out with 86.


Height Check: 5’7″ to 7’3″. Height ain’t nothing but a number here.


If you’re known to be a streaky shooter, this badge is your safety net. When you’re down, it’ll help you rise like a phoenix.



Corner Specialist (Three-Point)

Why You Need It: Corner threes are crucial. If you’re the type to lurk in the corners, waiting for the ball to swing your way, this one’s a must-have.


Bronze: Start with a 65.


Silver: Get that up to 76.


Gold: Roll with an 85.


HoF: Shine bright with a 94.


Height Check: Good for the shorties and the giants – 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Ideal for wing players. If you find yourself drifting to the corner during fast breaks or set plays, you’ll want this badge shining on your profile.





Bronze: Show ’em what’s up with a 75.


Silver: A solid 84.


Gold: Hit the mark with 92.


HoF: Only the best get a 99.




Bronze: Start strong with 75.


Silver: You’re getting there at 84.


Gold: Baller status at 90.


HoF: Almost untouchable at 98.


Height Check: From 5’7″ to 7’3″. They can’t guard you, no matter how tall.


This badge is a must for shot creators and anyone who likes to take contested shots. If you’re about that mamba mentality, this is your badge.



Free Points (Free Throw)

Why You Need It: Money from the line. Turn those fouls into guaranteed points.


Bronze: 71 will get you started.


Silver: Bump it up to 80.


Gold: Flex with a 90.


HoF: Can’t miss status at 99.


Height Check: Whether you’re a tiny floor general or a tower in the paint – 5’7″ to 7’3″, you’re good.


A must-have for slashers and post players. You’ll be fouled a lot, and this ensures you cash in every time.



Green Machine

Why You Need It: If you’re all about that green release life, this is your badge. Hit consecutive perfect releases and watch your player become unstoppable.




Bronze: Start greening with a 64.


Silver: Keep it flowing at 78.


Gold: Green beast mode at 89.


HoF: Perfect shots all day with 95.




Bronze: 61 to get you going.


Silver: Keep it steady at 76.


Gold: Show off that form with 88.


HoF: Peak green performance at 95.


Height Check: Anyone from 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Especially useful for those players that have mastered the shot meter. If you’re all about timing and rhythm, this badge is essential.



Guard Up

Why You Need It: Got defenders sleeping on you? Make them pay by hitting shots right in their face.




Bronze: Set the tone with 60.


Silver: Heat up at 74.


Gold: Get nasty with an 87.


HoF: Dominate with a 94.




Bronze: Get started with a 59.


Silver: Respectable at 71.


Gold: Making defenders sweat at 82.


HoF: Pure mastery at 91.


Height Check: Range from 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Perfect for the players that love to catch defenders off-guard. If you’re one to pull up quick without a moment’s notice, this is your badge.



Limitless Range (Three-Point)

Why You Need It: Long range is your game. Think Dame-time deep threes. This badge lets you shoot from near half-court.


Bronze: Start deep with an 85.


Silver: Deeper still at 92.


Gold: Almost unlimited with 96.


HoF: Basically shooting from the locker room with a 99.


Height Check: From the small guards to the bigs – 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Equip this if you love pulling up from way downtown. It’s a game-changer, especially in clutch moments.



Middy Magician (Mid-Range)

Why You Need It: The mid-range game ain’t dead. Not when you’re rockin’ this badge. Floaters, pull-ups, and step-backs? You got this.


Bronze: Start the magic show with a 59.


Silver: Cast those spells at 72.


Gold: You’re basically Harry Potter with an 84.


HoF: Wizardry at its finest at 92.


Height Check: Whether you’re IT-sized or nearing Shaq – 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Perfect for the players that like to emulate guys like DeRozan or CP3. That mid-range can be deadly.



Open Looks

Why You Need It: When the defense slacks and leaves you open, punish ’em. Make them regret giving you space.




Bronze: Start punishing at 58.


Silver: Pour it on at 75.


Gold: Teach ’em a lesson with 88.


HoF: No mercy at 93.




Bronze: Open season starts at 54.


Silver: Keeping it real at 72.


Gold: Show ’em the price of disrespect with 86.


HoF: Ball out with 90.


Height Check: From Spud Webb to Yao Ming heights – 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Great for off-ball players. If you’re moving without the ball, getting to your spots, and waiting for the defense to mess up, this is your badge.



Post Fade Phenom

Why You Need It: Relive the days of Dirk or MJ with this badge. Got a smaller player on you? Time to post and toast.



Post Control:

Bronze: Initiate the dance at 59.


Silver: Smooth moves at 65.


Gold: Put ’em in a spin cycle with 75.


HoF: Legendary moves at 85.



Close Shot:

Bronze: Up close and personal at 65.


Silver: Feeling it at 77.


Gold: Dominance with 86.


HoF: In their face with 93.




Bronze: Fadeaway beauty starts at 61.


Silver: Classic moves at 71.


Gold: Almost untouchable at 79.


HoF: Memories of the legends at 86.


Height Check: Whether you’re trying to be AI or Kareem – 5’7″ to 7’3″.


Essential for big men or guards with post-game. If you’re backing down smaller defenders and hitting them with the fade, this is your badge.



Slippery Off Ball (Acceleration)

Why You Need It: Move off the ball with the quickness. Get open, get the rock, and get buckets.


Bronze: Start sneaking around at 57.


Silver: Swift moves at 71.


Gold: Almost ghost-like at 84.


HoF: Now you see me, now you don’t at 92.


Height Check: Good for those quick guys, from 5’7″ to 6’9″.


Pro Tips: For those off-ball maestros. If you’re all about cutting, zigzagging, and losing your defender, strap on this badge.



Space Creator

Why You Need It: Got handles? Love creating separation for that jumper? Say less. This badge helps you break ankles and get open shots.




Bronze: Begin the shake n’ bake at 65.


Silver: Cross ’em up at 78.


Gold: Make ’em dance with 87.


HoF: Pure ankle snatcher at 94.




Bronze: Start the iso at 64.


Silver: Create that daylight at 76.


Gold: Let the defender know he’s in trouble with 88.


HoF: Straight up unguardable at 96.


Height Check: Perfect for those 5’7″ to 6’11”. Tall or short, you can shake ’em all!


Essential for playmakers or scorers. If you’re about that step-back, sidestep, or any move that gives you space, this is your badge.



Spot Finder

Why You Need It: Find your hotspot, settle in, and knock it down. Every. Single. Time. This badge’s for those clutch players who know their sweet spots.




Bronze: Finding your groove at 45.


Silver: Speed up to the spot at 68.


Gold: Lock and load with 80.


HoF: Rocket to your spot with 93.



Close Shot:

Bronze: Post up and punish with 55.


Silver: Right under the basket moves with 70.


Gold: Finish strong with 80.


HoF: Too easy with 91.




Bronze: Plant your feet at 60.


Silver: Set and fire with 75.


Gold: They better recognize with 86.


HoF: Automatic with 93.




Bronze: Get comfy at 55.


Silver: Rise and fire with 69.


Gold: Swish it with 79.


HoF: Money from mid with 90.


Height Check: From the lil’ guards to the towering bigs – 5’7″ to 7’3″.


This is for those who know their zones. If you’ve got specific spots on the court where you’re just money, badge up with Spot Finder.


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