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NBA 2K24 Rebounding Guide: Top 15 Tips for Dominating the Boards

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Ayo, all you hoop dreamers and shot slingers, time to take your game to new heights. We’re talking boards — the quiet hustle of the court, the secret sauce that turns your L’s into dubs. MJ got all those rings coz of Rodman, remember? Shaq and Kobe built their empire on the back of relentless board beasts like Robert Horry. Even LeBron needed Tristan Thompson to sweep up on the glass during his reign with the Cavs.


Rebounds, ballers, that’s where the magic’s at in the NBA and in NBA 2K24. It ain’t just about snatching second-chance points (though those are hella sweet, no doubt). It’s about possession, control, about flexin’ on your opponent. Every board you grab is a lost shot for them and a chance for you to light up the board.



Know Your Rebounds: It Ain’t Just About Hops

First things first, rebounding ain’t just about sky-high jumps and hoping for a miracle. It’s a craft — a blend of intuition, position, timing, and yeah, a little bit of raw power and vertical lift.


Offensive Rebounds: When your shot bounces off and your crew grabs the rock, that’s an offensive rebound. These can score you crucial second-chance points and leave your opponent’s morale in the dust.


Defensive Rebounds: If the other squad throws up a brick and you get the rock, that’s a defensive rebound. These end an opponent’s offensive roll and kick off your counter-attack.



Know Your Baller’s Digits

Every baller’s got a different vibe. You gotta know what your player’s packing:


Strength: The beefier your player is, the better they can box out opponents and claim the space for a rebound.


Vertical: This is all about the bounce. Got hops? You’ll be snatching balls out the sky before the other squad can even blink.


Rebound Stats: These digits show how clutch your player is at pulling down boards. Higher, the better, no doubt.



Timing Is Major Key

Nailing your jump right as the ball kisses the rim is half the game. Hit Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS) just as the ball hits the rim. Remember, early bird gets the worm!



Claim Your Spot – This Ain’t a Dance Floor

Boxing out is key. Get your body between the rim and your opponent by using the left trigger (LT on Xbox, L2 on PS). Use the left stick to maneuver. The closer you are to the rim, the higher your chances of grabbing that rebound. Remember, this ain’t sumo, you ain’t gotta bulldoze through your opponent for that board, just slide around them.



Read The Room – Trust Your Instincts

Anticipate where the rock will land. If your opponent loves chucking threes, get ready for those long rebounds. If they’re all about the paint, gear up for shorter ones.



Chase Down – Run It Down

When you can’t box out, haul ass after that rebound. It’s a gamble, but it can pay off big!



Contest Every Shot

Make ’em sweat for every single point. Blocking shots not only ups the chances of a miss, but also sets you up to snag that rebound.



Squad Up – Talk It Out

In a team game, make sure your bigs are ready to rake in the boards. Let your guards handle the backcourt while the big men clean up rebounds.



Reps Matter

Hit the game’s practice mode to work on your rebounding game. Fail here, learn here, win out there!



Taking Advantage of Hall of Fame Rebound Chaser

This badge is non-negotiable for any player looking to rule the glass. It boosts your ability to hunt down boards from further away, and when mixed with a high rebounding rating, you’ll be practically untouchable on the glass.



Tweak Your Settings

Prioritize rebounding in your defensive settings. Setting your crew to “Crash the Glass” means everyone’s on board duty.



Take Charge

Sometimes, your AI teammates don’t box out as they should. Use icon switching to take control of the nearest big man and move him where he needs to be.



Arc It Right

The trajectory and distance of a missed shot often mirror the shot’s arc and placement. Long shots yield long rebounds, and vice versa.



Experience Is the Best Coach

Playing more games helps you get a feel for rebounding – when to leap, how to position, and how to read your rivals’ moves.



Mind Your Energy and Hustle

A beat player or one with low hustle won’t rebound well. Keep an eye on those stamina bars and hustle stats!



Know Their Hotspots

If you’re guarding a player with shooting hotspots, be ready to grab boards from those areas. They’ll be shooting more from their fave spots.


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