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NBA 2K24 MyTeam: Tips and Tricks for New Players

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Hey, hoop heads! Just copped NBA 2K24 and you’re itchin’ to get into MyTeam, huh? Bet, let’s go! But hold up, before you go all in, here’s a quick rundown to help you break some ankles and dominate.



What’s MyTeam All About?

First off, MyTeam is your chance to create that dream team you’ve always wanted. You’re gonna be cracking open packs, stacking up rewards, and piecing together a roster that’s straight fire. We’re talkin’ current stars, all-time legends, and even some low-key beasts.



Getting Your Feet Wet: The Hustle Starts

MT Points and VC

You’ll be dealing with two types of dough in this mode: MT Points and VC (Virtual Currency). MT is easier to get but only good for MyTeam stuff, while VC is harder to stack but can be used in all 2K24 modes. So manage that bread wisely—ain’t nobody got cash to blow!



Starter Packs

When you first jump in, you’ll get a Starter Pack. Don’t snooze on this, for real. It sets you up with your initial lineup and even some extra packs to open. Peep every player and item—you never know who’s gonna be a game-changer later.



Squad Up: Auction House & Packs

Auction House

This is where the magic happens, y’all. You can cop and flip players, and honestly, it’s the go-to way to build your team without burning through your wallet. Stay woke for snipes—those are players going for cheap. Snatch ’em up and either slide them into your lineup or flip them for more MT.




Think of packs like scratch-offs. They could be lit, or they could drain your MT or VC. If you’re gonna go for it, be smart. Special packs usually got better odds for dope players, but they’re also pricier. Don’t blow your whole stack unless you’re feelin’ super lucky, ya heard?



On the Court: Tips & Tricks

Master the Fundamentals

Get those controls down pat. Learn your pick-and-rolls, your alley-oops, and how to lock up on D. Sure, posterizing dunks are sick, but basics win games.


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Play to Your Strengths

You got a bunch of shooters? Rain those threes. Stacked on bigs? Own that paint. Knowing what your squad excels at is key to snagging those Ws.



Challenges and Tournaments

Be on the lookout for challenges and tourneys. They’re your ticket to scoring exclusive gear and mad MT. They might be tough, but the payoff is worth the hustle.



Next-Level Moves

The Art of the Deal

Work that Auction House like you’re on Wall Street… Buy low, sell high. If you see a player’s value dropping ’cause everyone’s pulling him, cop him cheap and then flip when the market comes back up.



Synergies and Dynamic Duos

Some ballers shine brighter when they’re teamed up. Keep tabs on these Dynamic Duos—they can really level up your game.



Badges and Shoe Cards

Don’t sleep on badges and shoe cards. They can buff up your players big time. A player with the right badges and kicks can outplay their stats any day.


How to Get XP Fast in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM


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