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How to Get XP Fast in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM

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NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode got you hungry for more XP? Well, you’re in the right lane. This guide will help you break away from the pack and stack up that XP quick. We’re all about shooting those high percentage shots to rank up. Lace up and let’s hit the court, because it’s game time!



1. Hit Up the Auction House First

Check out the Auction House first thing, fam. It’s where you can snag players for cheap compared to buying packs. Rack up a solid team and start getting those guys up the ranks by winning some challenges.



2. Grind Through Seasonal Agendas

Each season drops a bunch of Agendas, or tasks, you gotta complete to score XP. The trick is to stay organized. Keep track of all the tasks and tick ’em off one by one.



3. Multi-tasking is Key

Try to take on multiple challenges in a single game. Stack your team with players who can tackle different tasks. That way, you’re hitting more birds with one stone, and getting a ton of stuff done in one game.



4. Easy Does It

Kick things off with the easy challenges. As the season moves on, the XP per minute you can earn tends to increase, making it the best time to take on those hard-hitters.



5. Borrow Cards, Rule the Court

Borrowing cards is a game-changer, fam. This feature lets you add a killer player to your team temporarily, without emptying your pockets.


Before you go deep into your savings for a superstar, consider this: you can borrow a card from a buddy, or even rent one from other players in the community. Not only do you save big, but you also get to test-drive top-tier players. These power-players can make light work of those heavy-duty tasks, taking your XP and MT gains through the roof.


One thing to remember – borrowed cards can’t be traded or sold in the Auction House.



6. Domination Mode, Baby!

The 5v5 Domination mode against the CPU or other players is your go-to if you’re looking to score big on XP. Plus, it’s a solid way to rack up MTs (the game’s currency) and nab some killer players for your team.



7. Level Up with EVO Players

Pick up players with Evolution (EVO) cards and level ’em up by smashing in-game goals. Evolving these players gets you a sweet XP boost, easy.



8. Be the Weekend Warrior

Daily and weekend challenges come and go quick, so don’t sleep on ’em. Bagging these gets you XP and a free pack that can have some real gems inside.



9. Grade ‘Em Up

The grading system in NBA 2K24 is another way to get your hands on some quick XP. You can grade any card in your collection. It’s a bit pricey, but grading 100 cards brings in a decent chunk of XP.



10. Fuego Packs for the Win

Fuego Packs often have players with big XP tasks. Grab these packs, nail the tasks, then flip the players in the Auction House.



11. Combo Your Challenges

The real game-changer is to combine your challenges. If you’ve got tasks that require similar actions, get ’em done in one game. It’ll speed up your XP gains big time.


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