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NBA 2K24: How to Use The Pro Stick to Shoot

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Yo, what’s good, hoop heads? Get ready to level up your game in NBA 2K24, because we’re about to deep dive into the Pro Stick, a little mechanism that’s gonna change your whole shooting game. Strap in and get ready to be schooled, because this ain’t your average guide – we’re going hard in the paint!



Laying Down the Basics

First off, let’s chop it up about what this Pro Stick business is all about. That right stick on your controller? That’s your Pro Stick. Think of it as your joystick to jamming like a pro. It’s not just about dribbling; it’s your key to unlocking a shooting game that’s gonna have your opponents shook. So let’s get down to business, and get you ballin’ like a boss.



Setting Up the Pro Stick

Before we can start raining buckets, we need to make sure your Pro Stick is set up right. Hit up your main menu and cruise on over to “Options/Features“. Now, find “Controller Settings” and select it. Keep scrolling until you see “Pro Stick Function“. Make sure this bad boy is set to “Default“. This allows you to use the Pro Stick for both shooting and dribbling.



Shooting Basics

When you’ve got the rock, flicking the Pro Stick is gonna initiate your shot. Depending on the direction you flick, you’ll either pull up for a jump shot (flick towards the hoop) or start a fadeaway (flick away).



Understanding the Shot Meter and Timing

The shot meter is your BFF when it comes to shooting with the Pro Stick. When you start your shot, you’ll notice this meter pop up. You gotta release the Pro Stick when the meter is filled up for the perfect shot. Remember, timing is everything. If you’re releasing too early or too late, you’re gonna be clanking bricks all day.



Aiming Your Shots

NBA 2K24 is all about control, and the Pro Stick gives you a whole lot of that. As you start your shot, you’ll wanna ease the stick left or right to aim your shot. The goal here is to hit the center of that shot meter. Perfect your aim and you’ll be splashing buckets in no time.



Dribble Moves: The Dance Before the Dunk

When you’re not shooting, the Pro Stick is your best friend for blowing by your defender. Try out different flicks and rotations of the stick to perform crossovers, spin moves, and more. Leave your defenders dazed and confused before you pull up for that perfect shot.



NBA 2K24 Pro Stick Control List

Basic Moves:

Jump Shot: Just a simple flick of the Right Stick (RS) towards the basket and you’re airborne. Shooting hoops was never so easy.


Layup: You’re up close and personal with the rim? Drive towards the hoop and move the Right Stick (RS) in any direction but down to lay the ball in.


Dunk: Feelin’ like LeBron? Drive to the hoop, hold down the R2/RT button, and move the Right Stick (RS) upwards for a monstrous jam!



Advanced Moves:

Fadeaway: Time to hit ’em with the Kobe special. While holding the Left Stick (LS) away from the hoop, flick the Right Stick (RS) upwards to fadeaway for a shot.


Step-Back Jumper: Make space like Harden. Quickly move the Right Stick (RS) down and then flick it up to step back from your defender and pull up for a shot.


Spin Jumper: Give ’em the Curry treatment. Spin the Right Stick (RS) in a circle and then release to execute a smooth spin jumper.



Dribble Moves:

Crossover: Shakin’ defenders off like AI. Flick the Right Stick (RS) left or right (while standing or driving) to cross the ball over and leave your defender in the dust.


Spin: Lookin’ like vintage D-Wade. Rotate the Right Stick (RS) in a circular motion to spin the ball around your body and get around your defender.


Hesitation: Got ’em on their heels like Kyrie. While standing or driving, move the Right Stick (RS) right or left then quickly release it to perform a hesitation move.



Defensive Moves:

Steal: Snatchin’ the rock like CP3. Press the Square (X) button or move the Right Stick (RS) towards the dribbler to attempt a steal.


Block: No easy buckets with you around. Hold the Right Stick (RS) up to attempt a block when near the shooter.



Is Right Stick Shooting much better than Square?

Let’s put the ball on the court and get to the heart of this matter. We’re talking Right Stick vs Square button, two shooting controls in the world of NBA 2K24, and we’re about to break down the real talk for ya.


Got some folks out here saying, “Yo, right stick shooting is the way, man!” Then, there’s the old-school crew repping the Square button, saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”


This ain’t a one-size-fits-all situation. You gotta find your style, you know? You want that finesse and precision, feeling like you’re truly ballin’ on the court? Right Stick’s your game, folks. Been kicking it with the Square button since the old days and don’t want to change up your game? Ain’t nothing wrong with sticking to your roots.


Bottom line here? It ain’t about which method’s superior on paper. It’s about what feels right for your game. Remember, ballers, this ain’t just about following the crowd. It’s about carving your own path to the hoop.


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