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NBA 2K24: How to Do the Hesitation


So, you wanna know what the hesitation is all about? It’s a sick move you gotta have in your arsenal when playing NBA 2K24. The hesitation is all about faking out your defender, making ’em think you’re about to drive or shoot, but then — BOOM — you hit ’em with something else entirely. Think of it like a basketball magic trick; you’re out there putting defenders on skates!



Breaking It Down: How to Do the Hesitation

The Basics: To pull off a hesitation, just move the right stick and release it real quick, like you’re dribbling with your right hand. Easy as that.


Left or Right Side?: Doesn’t matter if the ball’s in your left or right hand; you do the move the same way.


Add Some Flavor: Feel like mixing it up? After the hesitation, hit ’em with a behind-the-back or step-back.



Creating Space Like a Boss

With the hesitation, you’re playing mind games, creating space to make your next big play:


  • Keep Them Guessing: Your defender will be wondering, “Is he gonna drive? Shoot?” But you’ve got the upper hand, setting up for whatever comes next.


  • Get Creative: Don’t be shy. Experiment with the hesitation into a crossover or other cool moves.


  • Hit the Virtual Gym: This move won’t come easy. You gotta work at it, just like anything worth doing.



Learning from the Legends

Some of the all-time greats have used the hesitation move to devastating effect:


  • Allen Iverson’s Crossovers: Iverson’s hesitation followed by a crossover was a thing of beauty. He would freeze defenders with the hesitation and then explode in another direction.


  • Michael Jordan’s Fakes: MJ often utilized the hesitation to set up his famous fadeaway. His ability to hesitate, assess the defense, and then rise for a shot was second to none.


  • Kobe Bryant’s Footwork: Kobe’s use of the hesitation was more nuanced. He would use it to analyze the defense and then decide whether to shoot, pass, or drive, demonstrating the move’s versatility.


You can also check out clips of other NBA legends. See how they did it, then make it your own…


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